Zoom vs GoToMeeting vs Webex vs WebinarJam: what should you choose in 2022

Zoom vs GoToMeeting vs Webex vs WebinarJam

When we talk about webinar software and video conferencing, there are many top players in the market. and you can’t go wrong with any one of them. They include Namely, Zoom, GoToMeeting, Webex, and WebinarJam.

Zoom is one of the most popular video conferencing services out there, but that doesn’t mean it has supremacy.

It’s important to know that all of these tools are good in their own right, but we need to dive into the details and make sure everything checks out before choosing for your projects. 

  •         The number of attendees allowed
  •         The number of active presenters allowed
  •         The video quality
  •         The waiting room experience
  •         The price

To help you make an informed decision, I’ve covered the four main tools that are available. Each one has its pros and cons along with top features so it will be hard for any reader not to know what they want.

Zoom vs GoToMeeting vs Webex vs WebinarJam Overview.


With Zoom, the cloud-based video communications, you can have a seamless and easy video chat experience with your team. You will be able to share the screen while talking as well as to conduct meetings remotely without having an actual meeting room setup.

Its meetings are a great way to perform your information in one place. You can host an unlimited one-on-one meeting and up 100 participants by default, but if you need more space then just have a Large Meeting available for your purpose.

The features of this system are truly stunning. It is a phone system, including, switching to video voicemail and much more. With over 55 countries available for free VoIP calls and toll-based dial-in, you can save some serious dough on your international call expenses too.

Zoom is a fantastic scheduling service that offers four different solutions, including conference rooms, live chat, and one-to-one meetings. They also have webinar platforms to make your online events go smoothly.

The above solutions by Zoom should give you a good idea of how to proceed with your project.

  1. Meetings and Chat.

It’s easy to start, join or conduct quick meetings with Zoom Meetings. The enterprise chat and video conferencing are available from your desktop, mobile device, or through your home devices such as Chromecast for instant access in the comfort of your own living room.

The platform is designed for collaboration so you can work together on projects with syncing calendar functions. Plus video and audio are high quality which means everyone will have plenty of space to explore what’s happening in a conversation that supports up to 1,000 video participants and 49 videos on the screen.

Some of its key features include:

Screen-sharing and co-annotating options.

Start meetings from Outlook, Gmail, or iCal.

Recording and transcripts.

Filters, reactions, polls, hand raising, etc.

Integrated file sharing and music/video sharing.

Searchable history and 10-year archive.

  1. Video Webinar.

With Zoom’s video webinar, you can connect more personally with your audience and host large-scale training videos using interactive workshops. The app is a must-have for anyone who wants to share their event with the world. It also allows you to live-stream it on YouTube, Facebook, and other services.

Your webinar attendees will feel like they are in the room with you, thanks to virtual backgrounds and studio effects. You can even have up to 50k people at once.

Key features include:

  •         Social share buttons.
  •         In-session chat options.
  •         Allow attendees to raise their hands.
  •         Respond to polls and conduct a Q&A session.
  •         Automatic post-webinar survey.
  •         Push webinar leads into your CRM.
  •         The ability to track and measure success.
  •         The ability to create a webinar registration page, post-webinar landing page, and email reminders.
  1. Conference Rooms.

Zoom enables you to book meetings and start a meeting in the comfort and convenience of your own home or office space. It also allows for sharing content from different devices simultaneously while staying connected with colleagues. And if all those features weren’t enough, it also has interactive whiteboarding and annotation options so you can work conveniently.

  1. Phone System.

The Zoom phone is a great way to stay in touch with your team and clients. It allows you to secure HD voice calls, and upgrade phone conversations from audio meeting rooms for increased clarity. It comes with the main features such as voice mail, call recording, call routing, auto attendants, and interoperability.

It’s easy to use the Zoom app for business because it has a unified mobile app that allows you to do everything from sharing content with others, conducting video meetings on your phone or computer in real-time, and even making calls like never before. The chat messages you send from your computer or phone will appear on the screen in real-time.


GoToMeeting is an amazing service that lets you host and join meetings at any time, on whatever device. It’s perfect for those who work from home or have to travel frequently.

Here’s a quick overview of GoToMeeting’s key features:

Screen Sharing – Connect your devices and share the screens in real-time with anyone, anywhere.

Conference Calling – Join conference calls without having to spend time and money with integrated Voice over IP.

One-click Meetings – Launch meetings quickly from different locations and platforms, including Microsoft Office, email, and instant-messaging tools.

Personal Meeting Room – The meeting room provides a custom link that can be used for online meetings with others in real-time.

Video Conferencing – With the ability to host up to 250 people at once, this is one of the most robust products. The participants will be able to see HD video on the screen.

HD Webcams –Host a high-definition video conference with up to 25 webcams simultaneously.

Mobile Conferencing – join an online meeting with your mobile device anytime, anywhere.

Meeting Recording and Transcription – With this app, you can take notes during meetings and share them after to make sure nothing is forgotten.

Meeting Reminders – Let your attendees know when the meeting is about to start with a simple alert.

Conference Room Equipment – When you need to conduct an online meeting, this kit has the perfect software for it.

Commuter Mode – meetings are more productive when you can focus on the meeting without distractions on the go.

Room Launcher – You can schedule a meeting in the GoToRoom and start it right away from your mobile app.

Voice Commands –  Tell Siri what you want, and she’ll take care of the rest. Ask her to start or join your online meeting with just a few words.

Cloud Recording – The GoToMeeting app is great for hosting meetings on the go. With cloud recording functionality, you can record your sessions right away on your phone.

Office 365 Plugin – Integration with Microsoft Office 365 helps you schedule, manage and join upcoming online meetings directly from your calendar.

You can schedule online events, train your organization or even give presentations with this tool. It has a wide range of built-in features that allow you to do so much more such as GoToWebinar, GoToTraining, GoToRoom, etc.

Webex :

Webex is a US-based company that provides web conferencing and video meeting platforms for its users. They are an alternative to Zoom, one of the most popular alternatives out there. Cisco Webex offers a variety of services to meet all your business needs. They provide solutions for online meetings, video conferences, and more.

Here’s a quick overview of Webex’s key features:

Seamless Collaboration – Collaborate with anyone, from anywhere, With the right tools and techniques you can work in sync without missing a beat.

Phone System – The system also provides an easy way to make and receive calls with your colleagues using the integrated phone system.

Share Options – With the ability to share your presentation or screen with attendees as a virtual background, this tool will help you present in style. You can also Turn shared content into meeting backgrounds by video overlay on top.

Webex Assistant – Webex’s digital assistant is an excellent way to make sure you’re always prepared for your meetings with real-time translations of 100+ languages and features like automatic note-taking, live transcription, and follow-ups.

Webex Calling – Collaboration is easier than ever before with the cloud phone service that integrates seamlessly into your favorite collaboration tool.

Digital-first Engagement – You can create a priority-based customer experience by text, social media, or chat. You are able to offer emails and phone calls as well.

Reporting – The software provides you with private meetings, live chat options, and built-in insights to help your team collaborate better.

Noise Removal and Speech Enhancement – This is a great way to make sure that your meeting participants can hear every word you say clearly.

Gestures and Reactions – Show off your feelings with an animated reaction or simply gesturing.

Real-time Translation – With the power of real-time translation, you can now communicate with anyone in over 100 languages.

Smart Status – Set your status to let everyone know when you’re available or not. You can even set the “Do Not Disturb” mode so that no one distracts from work in any way.

Meeting Templates – You can also design your own meeting invite templates, which will help you get more attendees for any event.

Video Layouts –The Meeting Planner allows for an easy way to manage your meetings by using sliders and dragging participants on stage.

Important Messages – Important conversations are always at the top of your feed, so you’ll never miss anything again by setting conversations at the top automatically.

Transition Call to Meeting – The best way to make your 1:1 meetings more efficient is by turning them into video conferences. You can use features like transcriptions and recordings or notes…


Once you have WebinarJam, hosting your next event is a breeze. With the cloud-based platform’s private room feature and easy access from anywhere. The new app is a game-changer for presenters and event planners. It lets you host up to 5,000 people in one presentation with ease thanks to its straightforward design that allows live streaming on YouTube or Facebook as well.

Webinar software is primarily used by marketers to create webinars as part of their overall sales funnel.

Below are main WebinarJam’s key features:

Cloud-based Broadcasting – WebinarJam is the newest and most innovative way to share your message with up to 5,000 people at once with cloud-based.

HD, 30 FPS, Video and Audio Broadcasting – With the open features, you can now broadcast your webcam and share your screen with others. You’ll also be able to conduct presentations in high definition with PowerPoint.

Device-agnostic – The platform is available to perform on desktops, laptops, and tablets/phones.

Chat and Run Q&As in Real-Time – Keep your events engaging by allowing attendees the opportunity to chat and ask questions in real-time.

Flexible Options – You can chat with customers, moderate their comments and announcements or post your own messages through live video.

Automated Recordings – Webinar jam can automatically record your live broadcasts in a video file so that you don’t have to worry about your client missing any of the action.

Flexible Scheduling – With the click of a button, you can have an event open and ready for scheduling in just minutes. And with the “Always On” feature that enables live webinars every day at any time.

Attendee Spotlight – You are able to give your webinar attendees an opportunity for input, so invite them anytime during the presentation.

Stream From Anywhere – WebinarJam’s live room is mobile friendly and it lets you conduct scheduled events from your phone, or broadcast the signal anywhere.

Page Builder – WebinarJam offers a library of templates to choose from, and their system also helps you customize your event’s content. This will increase registration numbers or attract people to watch your LiveStream.

Email and SMS System – You can also set up a series of reminder notifications and follow-ups to keep in contact with your patients via email, phone text message, or both.

Panic Button – The meeting system will automatically shift all presenters and attendees to a brand new live room if something goes wrong in the middle of your presentation. to switch you just need to press the “panic” button.

Polls and Surveys – You can measure how well you are meeting the needs of your attendees by conducting surveys or quizzing them.

Easy Presentations –  The program allows you to import your presentation file and run it in high definition.

Handouts – The system will automatically display the downloadable file on your attendees’ screens. Simply upload from within the hard disk and click “Share,” then your customers can see what you are sharing.

Drawing Board – The notes you make during a presentation can be as creative and engaging for your audience to read through, so keep them interesting. You could create hand-written slides with highlighted points or write detailed captions about what each slide means on top of the slides.

One-click Registration – Your viewer can now quickly and easily register for this event without having to complete a lengthy form.

Payment Options – You can select whether to use the free option or plugin, with different payment gateways available such as credit card or PayPal.

Always-On Room –Reserve a 24/7 dedicated, branded room for your business.

Password Protected Rooms – To keep your content safe, you can restrict access to the live room with a password.

Analytics – The platform enables you to monitor your data in real-time and gets instant reports on their performance.

Customize Your Experience – You can make your webinar room reflect the tone of voice you want to use with your brand also.

Side by Side comparison of all these web conferences and platforms can help you have a full view of it.

Point By Point Comparison

Take a look at the detailed, point-by-point breakdown. Also read: WebinarJam

1. Ease-of-Use.

The features you should look for when choosing a conferencing platform are ease of use and navigation.


The Zoom platform makes it easy to conduct quick meetings and collaborate across any device. With one control panel, you can toggle between all of the meeting options without getting any hassle. You can make the control panel blend in with your design and only display when you want it to.

It also allows a one-click transition from a voice call or chat to a video meeting. Mobile apps for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android OS, also provide the flexibility to start or join the meeting from anywhere, at any time.

Zoom offers various options to join the meeting instantly, via:

  •         Email invite
  •         Messaging invite
  •         Directly from the browser
  •         Zoom desktop or mobile application
  •         A landline or mobile phone
  •         With an H.323 or SIP device.

The meeting app Zoom lets you choose between a gallery view and speaker-style presentations once it’s time to join your colleagues in real life. The platform also offers the option to customize your meeting within their dashboard and use passwords for specific meetings.

“Breakout Rooms” is an excellent feature that helps you break up single meetings into multiple groups.

  •         below are other key features that make Zoom easy to use:
  •         Built-in collaboration tools like co-annotating, screen-sharing, and whiteboard.
  •         Streamlined calendaring with Outlook, Gmail, or iCal.
  •         The ability to record your meetings.
  •         Auto-generated, searchable transcripts.
  •         Invite internal and external participants.
  •         Share and play videos without downloading any files.


GoToMeeting is a tool that allows you to have synced audio and video for your meeting. You can invite participants, and share the camera/screen with them while recording or locking it at any point in time during chat sessions too.

Its app suite lets you work from anywhere, and the company also provides mobile apps for several operating systems.

The meeting can be joined in whichever way you want. Downloading the desktop app or using a mobile app will allow potential attendees to join your discussion anywhere. With Google Chrome, you can join an online meeting directly from your browser without downloading or sign-in required.

You’ll also see a preview screen before joining the meeting with options to switch on your Mic or your Camera. You’ll see numerous buttons at the bottom of your screen to control the Camera, Mic, and screen-sharing settings.

With the built-in tools and settings, you can optimize your webcam’s visuals to give a professional output. You’ll be able to automate workflows with Zapier integration too. You can also create new video conferencing meetings by adding an event to your calendar.


Webex is a great option for meetings, as it has an easy-to-use interface with many meeting options right after you enter their dashboard. If you need to organize a meeting with someone, just select the “Schedule Meeting” option and pick one of their pre-provided templates.

Enter all of your information and either start the meeting right away or schedule it for later. You can view other participants on this panel along with the associated details during any meetings you have scheduled in advance on the right side.

Joining and collaborating on meetings has never been easier. You can send invites with instructions to the attendees, who will get an email containing the password before they’re let in through any doors.

Webex is a powerful tool that allows you to join meetings from your computer system, mobile device, or video conferencing system. You can also go straight into the browser without installing an app and make accounts with just about any internet connection available.


WebinarJam is a host of features that will help your webinars go even smoother. They are HD video and audio broadcasting, automated recordings, attendee spotlight, page builder, polls, surveys, etc.

WebinarJam is a great tool for creating landing pages and automating conference recording. The software also allows you to send automated responses based on registrants’ actions, making it an even more powerful program.

The configuration process is streamlined to give you an easy and fast way of setting up your event. It only takes about three minutes, or you can use the standard configuration that can be set up within 5 minutes.

The software is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems as well as browsers such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc.

Winner: It’s a Draw.

Event hosting is made easy with these platforms, as they provide the necessary tools for an organized event. You can set up your own events in just a few clicks and join them quickly too.

Their apps provide a simple and efficient way of hosting events from anywhere with an internet connection.

2. Starting a Webinar.

With a few clicks, you can have your webinar up and running in no time. All of these platforms make it easy to host an event for hundreds or thousands of participants without any hassle at all.


Host a Zoom Video Webinar with up to 10,000 attendees and let your audience join in on the meeting live. With licenses starting at just 100 people for starters’ capacity, you can scale as high of an online gathering as you need.

The participants will be able to interact using the chat and Q&A options, which is perfect for those who want their questions answered live.

To set up a webinar, all you need is one page of information. The topic and description should be enough for potential attendees to know what they’re getting themselves into before signing up.

you can reuse the webinar template that you have used before or create the new one. The only customization you get on this page is a logo, which can be seen by all attendees so they know what type of meeting it is. You don’t have to make any other changes or additions, just share your link and let people join in.

With Zoom, you can set up a webinar with two options, one that requires registration and one without registration. If you choose a webinar that requires registration, it means that your audiences have to send their form before they can get the link to join.


GoToWebinar is an easy-to-use tool of GoToMeeting for creating webinars that will turn your audience into attendees. You can schedule your webinar directly from the dashboard by clicking on “Schedule” in the right corner. This platform lets you hold up to 3,000 attendees and you’ll be able to run it anywhere with an internet connection.

GoToWebinar’s hashtags make it easy for you to promote your webinar on social media and customize the landing page. The webinar feature enables you to conduct an impromptu session at the touch of a button called “Webinar Now”.

The platform also ensures that you are comfortable with the content before presenting it in front of audiences.

GoToWebinar’s unique features include:

  •         Use past webinar templates for quick setup.
  •         Personalized email invites, confirmations, and reminders.
  •         Automatic recording to share with absent registrars.
  •         Analytics to determine which channels led to most registrations.


Webex has been designed to meet the needs of presenters, and participants and present in a single package. With its easy-to-use interface, it comes with a bunch of features such as multiple speakers and provides numerous monitoring and audio controls. you can use the screen sharing function, Q&A, polling, and chat also.

Hosting a webinar is easy and can be done directly from the dashboard by clicking on “Host an Event.” You can customize your registration site with easy-to-use customization tools, or ask questions in order to track and follow up on leads.

Webex is a great tool to use if you want the convenience of hosting your webinar without having any technical knowledge. You can record it and view it later, or get real-time support during your recording.


WebinarJam is the perfect solution for your next event. It provides an easy, one-click registration process that helps you gather maximum participants with its most premium plan which can accommodate up to six presenters and 5,000 attendees.

With this easy-to-use register link, it’s never been easier to get your subscribers on board. All you have to do is share a “Click To Register” button with them and they will be automatically confirmed.

WebinarJam suggests that you host your webinar on Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari browser.

press the “My Webinars” option to get started, and you’ll be automatically redirected based on your choices. You will also need software that can create events for this process, it’s a great tool.

Winner: GoToMeeting or WebinarJam.

The great thing about these services is that they not only help you set up your event but also provide advanced options to make sure it’s a successful one. These programs will get people fired up in no time.

3. Number of Panelists/Presenters.

The number of presenters allowed by these tools includes:

  •         Zoom – The Zoom webinar platform allows up to 100 participants, including the presenter.
  •         GoToMeeting – You can have as many organizers on your team of admins as want to be. There’s no limit.
  •         Webex – Webex is a great way for up to 100 people at any given time to share their videos with others.
  •         WebinarJam – WebinarJam’s presentation limit is a generous six presenters.

Winner: GoToMeeting.

GoToMeeting offers the most practical and cost-effective solution with its ability to be used by an unlimited number of people.

4. Number of Attendees.

the features are designed to hold up the number of attendees:

Zoom – With the Large Meeting add-on, Zoom can accommodate a maximum of 1,000 attendees. It also allows you to host webinars for up to 50K people at one time.

GoToMeeting – GoToMeeting limits the number of people who can attend your meeting to up to 3,000. However, with its GoToWebinar tool, you’re able to host up to 5K attendees on an enterprise-level plan.

Webex – 200 people can participate in your webex call with Webex’s most expensive plan.

WebinarJam – WebinarJam is an online platform that can accommodate up to 5,000 attendees.

The Zoom webinar platform gives you the power to host 50,000 people at one time.

5. Video and Audio Quality.


The Zoom platform is a great option for meetings that require audio, as it allows you to share live HD videos and offers several options so meeting attendees can hear what’s being said properly.

The easy-to-use interface provides virtual backgrounds, studio effects and noise suppression features to help you look to have the best quality in any environment. You can also adjust the volume of both speakers or microphones before meeting for high-quality sound.

The app is the perfect tool for anyone who seeks to look their best in any situation. With its wide range of adjustability and features, you can ensure that your video is supported by advanced lighting features to leverage filters for various reactions.

Your conference calls can be made easier with the help of Zoom. This service provides a high-quality microphone, camera, and speakers., so you’ll never have to miss another important meeting again.


GoToMeeting takes the hassle out of hosting video conferences by automatically adjusting your bandwidth so that it can accommodate everyone in a room at once.

GoToMeeting offers an amazingly diverse range of audio options to choose from, including computer/VoIP calls and phone chats on PSTN rates. The only drawback? You have access only to paid subscription plans.

The meeting is so immersive that you can share the screen with your partner and see each other’s screens in high definition. You get to adjust bandwidth for a smooth experience, too.


Webex allows you to share your screen, and talk with others face-to-face using high-definition video and audio. You can also use their virtual background or theme options for added privacy when working on a project together in real-time which can support smooth motion and video.

With the variety of backgrounds and effects, you can create an engaging event that will keep your participants focused on what’s important.

The Webex Meetings app is a great way to communicate with others using your voice. You can select from different audio options like “computer audio,” “call me,” and “call-in audio”  so that it’s easier for everyone involved in the meeting.

The software also provides noise removal and speech enhancement features to eliminate background noises like typing on a keyboard.

Webex enables you to use high-quality cameras that are HD-compatible, so your meetings will have the best possible visuals.


WebinarJam is the perfect solution to conduct meetings, webinars, and presentations. You can share your screen in 30 FPS or HD quality with other participants on this meeting organizer app.

The feature “Video Injections” is a great way to make sure you are always connected with your audience.

The drawback to WebinarJam’s video streaming feature is that it doesn’t always give the highest audio-visual quality signal and gets compressed while recording.

Winner: Webex.

Meeting and webinar organizers can now conduct meetings in high definition. But there’s one feature that has an edge over the rest: Webex due to their additional features which let you further adjust video quality, among other platforms.

6. Video Recording And Storage.


With Zoom’s “Record to the Cloud” feature, you can automatically send your video and audio recordings of meetings or training sessions straight into their cloud database. This means that you never lost them.

The Zoom app offers local recording, which saves the files to your computer. The cloud storage capacity is up to 1GB/Licensed User, you can scale it up with their Enterprise plan for unlimited space.


GoToMeeting is a great tool to use if you are looking for an easy way of recording your meetings. All recordings can be saved in the cloud and accessed from anywhere, as well as copied onto any device.

The service offers unlimited storage for both local and cloud recordings. The GoToMeeting ensures that it’s done within reason, while also providing options to record on the web app or webcam, all in one place.


With Webex meetings, you can store your recordings in the cloud or on local drives. You’re given 5GB of space with a starter plan and 10 gigabytes for business use by the Business plan.

With the Enterprise plan, you can access more storage space. You will have to contact the Sales team for that though to expand.


This is an innovative new service that will help you to get the most out of your webinar. You can record and replay all actions in a live room, so your audiences can watch again.

Winner: GoToMeeting.

GoToMeeting gives you unlimited cloud storage space with all of their plans

7. Reporting And Analytics.

The importance of reporting in order to track your audience and analyze their behavior cannot be understated.

Zoom: The dashboard tab provides essential analytics in real-time with quick stats on users, meetings, and Zoom rooms. You can adjust the data you want to see by using different graphs that are available for your convenience.

The app also allows you to view the values (minutes, meetings, and participants) as well as a range covered by hovering your mouse over bars or graphs.

The “Meetings” tab is a great way to keep track of all your meetings, past or present. You can see what kind they were and how much quality there was recorded in them.

The Webinars section is a great place to keep track of your webinar progress. You can see the report for all current and past events, as well as what people on panels will be discussing in them.

The attendee data is displayed to give you a detailed overview of your attendees. It includes their name, device type, and IP address so that you can track them throughout the event, you can track the time when your audiences join or left.

Zoom’s registration reports allow you to track all of the data about your webinars, events, and meetings. You can even export a CSV file that contains detailed information on each participant for easy storage.


GoToMeeting is the perfect solution for hosting webinars. With its sleek and easy-to-use interface, you can collect all of your analytics information in one dashboard that provides charts displaying metrics such as interest or participation rate with just a few clicks after the meeting.

Overall, it provides three types of reports:

Activity – Data on how much time you spend talking, using your webcam, and paying attention to what’s going around you.

Analytics – Details based on the session data.

Insights – Private reports that give a behind-the-scenes look at how the event went.


With the Standard plan, you will get 3 months’ worth of data. But if that’s not enough for your needs and want 13 months then go with our Pro Pack.

To see detailed analytics, click on “Analytics” from your dashboard and you will be taken to a page with all of this information.

The dashboard provides access to interactive graphs and data visualizations that depict details like usage, and adoption trends. There’s even an option to install all of the reports to save in a CSV file.


WebinarJam not only provides data on how many people have watched your webinar but also tells you what they were clicking while watching. You can see metrics like dollars per signup, engagement analytics, and traffic numbers.

The software also lets you know when your attendees are dropping out, their registration ratio, and show-up time. etc…

8.Interaction And Engagement Features.

With built-in collaboration and engagement tools, you can keep your event alive by engaging with the audience.


Zoom’s collaboration tools are unparalleled, including screen sharing which allows you to share your computer with another person. You can also whiteboard and co-annotate in real-time.

Other interactions and engagement features include:

  •         In-session chat.
  •         Music or video sharing options.
  •         Share multiple desktops simultaneously.
  •         Open up to 12 whiteboards simultaneously.
  •         Share files, docs, emojis, screenshots, etc.
  •         Attendees can raise their hands and respond to your polls.


GoToMeeting is a fantastic webinar tool that lets you create polls and engage your participants with post-webinar surveys. With up to 20 questions, the survey can give insight into what went well during this event as well as any areas for improvement.

Other interactive features include:

  •         Desktop and application sharing.
  •         Meeting reminder alerts.
  •         Virtual whiteboard and drawing tools.
  •         Pass mouse and keyboard control to anyone you want.


Webex makes it easier to connect with your audience and show how you feel by allowing users the ability of on-screen emojis for clapping, thumbs up/down smiling, laughing, or making gestures.

You can also use this app to translate your thoughts into 100+ languages, share what’s on-screen with others (and get feedback), show the status, notes, etc.


WebinarJam is a great way to make your webinars more interactive and engaging. It has all of the features that you would need, including polls, surveys, private comments, drawing boards, moderation capabilities, highlighted comments, sticky announcements, etc.

You can also allow your attendees to share their screens with others in the webinar and speak. They’ll receive an invite to attend from you when they finish their work then send them back into “attendee-only” mode at any time.

Winner: WebinarJam.

WebinarJam offers a unique feature that allows your attendees to speak at the event. so it’s totally a winner.

9.Customer Support.


Zoom provides you with everything needed for efficient meetings, including 24×7 global support and Quickstart Guides. They also offer video tutorials that teach how to join a meeting or record your own proceedings in real-time.

With a customer service number, you can reach out to Zoom for help with any of your questions. It also offers FAQs and additional resources on its site. It’s so great to have the option for priority response, technical resources, and account management with the Premier plan.


GoToMeeting has a built-in search bar and FAQs page that can help you find answers to your questions.

If you need help with your software or have any questions, contact their hotline: 1800 419 6989.


Webex has a helpful blog full of articles, and a FAQ section and offers expert help. Chat support is only available to paid subscribers.

Webex offers an Ask the Community section where you can ask for help if your service is being negatively impacted by something. A community of influencers will share knowledge with those who need it most, so don’t hesitate to take advantage.

You can also get support by joining a test meeting, attending online classes and webinars, or watching daily demos.


Webinar Jam has 24/7 support, so you can submit a ticket or use live chat from Monday – to Friday 8:00 AM – 1:00 PM PST.

If you have any questions about using WebinarJam, visit their documentation wiki for video tutorials on how it all works. You can also search through the FAQs or join them in Facebook Community to get quick answers from other users.

You can set up a Control Center, which is an invaluable tool for managing events. The staff will be able to oversee all logistics from this separate room and you’ll have more time on your hands.

Winner: WebinarJam.

While all four online meeting platforms provide stellar support, Zoom and Webex require payment for advanced features. Webinar Jam is the clear winner here with its extensive support feature, including Live Chat.

10. Pricing Plans.


Zoom offers five plans, including:

  •         Free – $0
  •         Pro – $14.99 /month/license
  •         Business – $19.99 /month/license
  •         Zoom United Business – $30 /month/license
  •         Enterprise – quote-based

Zoom offers a free plan, you can manage your meeting with 100 participants and conduct group meetings for 40 minutes. The unlimited one-on-one rooms are a nice bonus. With the Enterprise plan, you can accommodate up to 1,000 participants. This is a customizable solution that will work for any size of business.

If you want to take your business up a notch, then consider purchasing other plans for different tools like Zoom Rooms and video webinars.


GoToMeeting offers three plans, including:

  •         Professional – USD10.20 /organizer /month, billed annually.
  •         Business – USD13.60 /organizer /month, billed annually.
  •         Enterprise – Quote-based

GoToMeeting offers a 14-day free trial, but you can purchase one of their paid plans. The Professional plan is best for small groups with 150 participants, the Business has 250 max while Enterprise allows up to 3k. Unfortunately, there is no free plan.


Webex offers four pricing plans, including:

  •         Free – $0
  •         Starter – $14.95 per host, per month
  •         Business – $29.95 per host, per month
  •         Enterprise Plan – Quote-based

Webex allows you to host one user for free, with the ability not only to have uninterrupted meetings but also video conferencing for up to 50 minutes at once. The meeting can accommodate up to 100 people. You are able to scale these numbers with their paid plans and packs.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly plan, this one offers 30 days free and discounts of 10% after that.


WebinarJam provides three pricing plans:

  •         Basic – $499 per year
  •         Professional – $699 per year
  •         Enterprise – $999 per year

Webinar Jam has a variety of plans for those who want to host and attend webinars. The Basic plan allows up to 500 people, while the Enterprise option can accommodate 5k attendees with six hosts per server. it does not offer any free package.

You can try out their service for 14 days and if you’re not satisfied with just one dollar, they’ll give your money back after a month.

Winner: Zoom.

Choose between a free plan or one that will suit your needs with affordable pricing that can hold up to 100 attendees.

WebinarJam has a variety of affordable plans to suit every budget. Their basic plan starts at $499 per year and allows you the freedom of unlimited webinars. but they do not provide any free package. WebinarJam is so confident in the quality of their product that they offer a full refund within 30 days after purchase if you don’t satisfy.

Pros and Cons.

Conferencing and webinars are a great way to connect with potential clients in real-time. Some tools have more benefits than others, but they all serve their purpose. Below are the pros and cons that can help you have more detail.

Zoom Pros and Cons.


  •         An app marketplace to integrate with third-party business apps.
  •         It allows you to host unlimited meetings.
  •         Google calendar support.
  •         Automatic customer follow-up.
  •         Suitable for hosting large online events.
  •         Monetize your webinars through paid registration.
  •         Integration with Facebook Live and YouTube to conduct Live broadcasting.
  •         Get reports about your audience’s experience, questions, poll answers, etc.
  •         Create and customize the registration page, reminder emails, and post-webinar landing page.


  •         With the free version, you have to restart your meeting after 40 minutes
  •         Lack of comment control or moderation.

GoToMeeting Pros and Cons.


  •         Reliable client support and record uptime.
  •         Seamlessly initiate an online conference using the user-friendly interface.
  •         Offer attendees a customized URL.
  •         Access GoToMeeting using different devices, including Android, iOS, Mac, and PC.
  •         Gather international participants and interact using multinational toll-free numbers.
  •         Offer security with a PIN-based entry.
  •         Numerous channels for self-service and learning materials.
  •         Well-integrated polling feature to engage the audience in the video conference.
  •         GoToMeeting mobile app with the cloud recording feature.
  •         Integration with business apps like Zoho, Salesforce, AWeber, Hubspot, Slack, etc.


  •         You need to install GoToWebinar software to start using it.
  •         Minimal marketing features.
  •         Users don’t get an option to change the background color or graphic in the mobile apps.
  •         Doesn’t allow you to host more than one meeting simultaneously.
  •         Webex Pros and Cons.


  •         Essential features include HD video, screen sharing, in-app voice listening, joining a meeting from any video system, chat, etc.
  •         Interactive participation with annotation tools and whiteboards.
  •         Advanced follow-up analytics of a meeting to give insight into what went on with your attendees.
  •         Suitable for small groups and one-on-one meetings.
  •         Allows you to host unlimited meetings.


  •         Not suitable to scale webinars.
  •         You need to go for additional plans to host multiple meetings simultaneously.
  •         WebinarJam Pros and Cons.


  •         Automated integrations with your autoresponder or CRM of choice.
  •         Automatic post-webinar follow-ups via email.
  •         Pop pre-configured, visually-captivating offers.
  •         The ability to pop up an offer in the middle of a webinar with a call-to-action.
  •         It offers numerous layouts. You can choose to show your face, share your screen, and show your face and your screen simultaneously.
  •         It lets you upload your presentation while hosting a slideshow-heavy webinar.
  •         Great buffer rate and reduced delays.
  •         Communicate pre and post-webinar using built-in autoresponders.
  •         Automatically records your webinars and sends them to everyone as a replay. You can even use it in EverWebinar.


  •         Allows you to have only up to six co-presenters.


The choice for the best video conferencing software in 2022 may be difficult, but with the current market leaders all offering great features, it ultimately comes down to what is important to you as an organization. Do you need a lot of bells and whistles? Or are you looking for something that is easy to use and can get up and running quickly? Whichever option you choose, make sure to test out the software before your big meeting to make sure everything runs smoothly.

FAQ - Zoom vs GoToMeeting vs Webex vs WebinarJam

What is the best webinar platform for training?

The best webinar platform for training is Zoom. It offers great features such as the ability to share your screen, record the webinar, and have a Q&A session at the end. Additionally, the platform is user-friendly and easy to navigate.

What is the most popular webinar platform?

The most popular webinar platform is Zoom. It’s user-friendly, has great features, and is affordable. Other top webinar platforms include GoToWebinar and Adobe Connect.

Which is better GoToMeeting vs Zoom?

There is no definitive answer to this question as the best platform for video conferencing depends on individual needs and preferences. you should consider the features of both to get the fit for your need

Which is better WebEx or GoToMeeting?

Both are good options for online meeting software, but each has its own strengths and weaknesses. you should take a look carefully at what features you need to choose.


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