AI writing assistants like WordHero aim to automate content creation. This WordHero review will analyze its key features, pricing, and overall value for different use cases.

Introduction to WordHero


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WordHero is software that uses artificial intelligence to generate blog posts, articles, social media captions, and other written content. The goal is to help individuals and teams:

  • Quickly produce website content like blog articles
  • Create social media posts and captions efficiently
  • Generate product descriptions for ecommerce
  • Assist with writing as a virtual AI co-author

With WordHero, you simply enter a topic, keywords, URL, or content outline. The AI technology will then deliver a complete draft on that concept within seconds.

In addition to the text generation itself, WordHero provides optimization tools to refine and improve your writing. Let’s examine what this AI writer offers.

Key Features and Tools in WordHero

WordHero provides a suite of content creation and optimization capabilities:

AI Article Writer

The article generator tool instantly creates complete posts based on title, headings, or bullet points you provide. It can rewrite existing pages too.

Social Media Post Creator

Produce original social media posts and captions by topic or description in just one click.

Blog Post Editor

WordHero suggests related keywords and links to integrate as you write blog articles within the editor.

SEO Content Analyzer

Upload your articles to get an SEO score and actionable advice for improving optimization.

Readability Analysis

See statistics on text complexity, reading levels, and ways to enhance clarity.

Grammar Check and Fixer

Easily correct grammar mistakes and enhance word choice through the AI-powered editing features.

Plagiarism Checker

Ensure all content is 100% original and plagiarism-free before publishing.

Google Docs Integration

Use WordHero directly within Google Docs for streamlined creation and optimization.

The combination of robust writing automation with built-in SEO and optimization tools is where WordHero shines compared to alternative AI writers.

Hands-On Test of WordHero Article Generator

To test out the core functionality, I entered the topic “Benefits of Exercise” and generated an article draft.

In seconds, WordHero produced a 600+ word post covering various benefits like improved heart health, weight control, boosted energy, lower stress, better sleep, and more.

While basic in style, the AI-generated content hit on all the key points for the concept. With some minor tweaks, it made an excellent starting draft to then customize and refine before publishing.

For quick article creation, WordHero delivered great results based on just a topic prompt.

WordHero Pricing Plans

WordHero offers three main subscription plans depending on usage:

PlanPriceKey Features
Starter$15/month10,000 words/month
Pro$39/month50,000 words/month
Business$69/month200,000 words/month
  • Annual billing gets 2 months free
  • All plans include SEO and grammar tools

For individuals and smaller websites, the Starter plan provides good value. Business is ideal for larger teams and content needs.

Compared to human writing costs, the AI generation saves significant time and money.

How WordHero Compares to Competitors

WordHero competes with AI writers like Jasper and Conversion.ai. How does it compare?

Jasper is simpler to use with less customization, but weaker content optimization.

Conversion.ai has more copywriting-focused templates. But WordHero offers greater control over articles.

For general blog writing and long-form content, WordHero comes out ahead. The built-in SEO optimization and analysis give it an edge over text-only AI generators.

Customer Reviews of WordHero

Here are some real customer reactions to using WordHero:

“I can churn out blog posts 3x as fast now. It’s addictive and so easy to use.”

“This doesn’t fully replace my writing skills, but it sure does augment them effectively!”

“The SEO optimization tools are super useful. My website traffic has grown since using WordHero.”

“It takes some fine-tuning but saves me hours of research and staring at blank pages.”

“I wish you could customize the voice and tone a bit more natively but overall it’s very useful.”

Most reviews praise the convenience, time savings, and SEO tools. Some note limitations in customizing the voice and tone. But overall satisfaction seems high.

The Pros and Cons of WordHero

Based on hands-on testing and customer feedback, the main pros of WordHero are:

  • Saves significant time by generating content drafts automatically
  • Lets you quickly create blog posts, social posts, articles, and more
  • Built-in SEO optimization and readability tools add value
  • Easy-to-use editor makes writing and customizing breeze
  • Affordable pricing compared to human writing costs

The potential cons to note with WordHero:

  • AI-generated text lacks originality and human touch
  • Requires fine-tuning for your brand’s tone and voice
  • Longer complex documents are challenging for AI text
  • You still need to edit and tweak computer-written drafts
  • Templates are focused on standard blog content

Is WordHero Worth the Cost? Our Final Verdict

Should you use WordHero for your content creation and automation needs?

For bloggers, marketers, and businesses publishing high volumes of articles, social posts, and other standard website content, WordHero delivers strong value. The AI drafts save considerable time while providing an optimized base to build upon.

For special projects requiring personalized research or analysis, hiring a dedicated human writer may be better. But for frequent, high-volume content like blog posts, WordHero can handle the heavy lifting.

The SEO optimization features also give WordHero an advantage over text-only AI generators. With the ability to churn out website-ready drafts quickly, WordHero is a powerful tool for content marketers.

If you are producing lots of repetitive content across channels regularly, exploring WordHero’s AI automations is recommended. The time and energy savings are substantial, provided you still dedicate effort to refinement. For mass content creation, WordHero is worth considering.

WordHero AI offers a range of features that are beneficial for SEO. Its AI-powered text generation can help create SEO-friendly content efficiently. It also provides editing tools to refine the generated text, ensuring the final output is not only reader-friendly but also optimized for search engines. Also read: NeuronWriter review