OnePlus Buds Pro vs Samsung Buds Pro: Everything you need to know

OnePlus Buds Pro vs Samsung Buds Pro 2022

The OnePlus Buds Pro is a welcome upgrade for those who were not satisfied with the original. They come equipped with active noise cancellation which makes them comparable to Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Pro in many ways, but there’s still room left above-average performance when it comes down to comfort and sound quality alike .

The Samsung true wireless earbuds have been a staple of many recommended lists for their ergonomic design and staple features like ANC. However, the OnePlus Buds Pro comes out on top when it comes to battery life which makes them more compelling than these headphones from Samsung, if you’re looking at choosing between two different product lines, is it worth it to be an alternative? Let’s check out the review about the comparison between the OnePlus Buds Pro vs Samsung Buds Pro 2023 .

OnePlus Buds Pro vs Samsung Buds Pro Comparison Chart 2023 :


The design of the OnePlus Buds Pro is quite different from that seen in Samsung’s newest earphones. The stems sport a sleek, metallic finish which gives them almost dual-tone coloration because they’re also made of metal unlike Apple’s AirPods and they’re larger than the AirPods with a heavier weight to them compared against the Galaxy Buds Pro .

The Galaxy Buds Pro continues Samsung’s trend of earbuds with no wings. But these new models are slightly different than before, as they lack the wide edge like past generations and instead offer three different sizes for tips in order to better fit your ears .

Although the Samsung Buds Pro has been seen to be more comfortable for some, it may not work out well with smaller ears. In this case, the Galaxy Buds 2 may be worth considering, that’s more ergonomic but less premium than these other options before .

The OnePlus and Samsung cases are similar in design, with each using a clamshell form factor. The more rectangular shape of the former contrasts varsity against its square counterparts from Samsung. They’re sized well- enough for pocket use without being too bulky or heavy when open, they even come equipped with rounded corners which make them look sleeker .

The OnePlus Buds Pro comes in two colors: matte black or glossy white. While Samsung’s Galaxy Buds have four options- Phantom White (a light shade), Violet, Black, and Silver.


The OnePlus Buds Pros are designed with bass lovers in mind, but if you prioritize noise cancellation over anything else then it’s best to go for Samsung’s earbuds .

The new OnePlus Buds Pro and Samsung Galaxy Buds Pros are designed with 11mm drivers that deliver rich bass, while also featuring active noise cancellation (ANC). This is an increasingly staple feature in many earbuds today – so you’ll be sure to get your sound fix without any unwanted background distractions .

The Dolby Atmos system is available on these earphones. If you have a compatible device and they are ready for you. The Dolby Atmos sound system is a brilliant addition to Samsung phones, with support available for those who have them. There is an interesting feature called “Dolby’s Tracking” which adjusts the direction of the sound so that what sounds best suits your ears .

When it comes to leakage performance, both wireless earbuds are comparable. Whether you’re wearing the OnePlus or Samsung Buds Pro, there is no risk of others hearing what you’re listening to, because they don’t have any parts that could be leaking sound like others do when at high volume, making these perfect for situations where privacy. The OnePlus Buds Pro offers better bass performance than its counterparts. When talking about mid and treble accuracy, both earbuds are equally competent .

The OnePlus Mix is equipped with three microphones that are designed to reduce the amount of noise it picks up. On one hand, Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro has microphones inside and outside its earbuds for monitoring environmental sounds in real-time so you can hear what’s going on around them better while using this device .

The Samsung earbuds are said to be able to cut background noise by up to 99%. While this may seem like an advantage, it’s not always the case in real-life situations. In contrast with these claims, OnePlus Buds Pro has difficulty blocking low and mid-range noises while working in a crowded place .Read more: JLab Go Air vs JBuds Air 2022

Features and Controls:

Luckily, with OnePlus’ Buds Pro, there’s no need to install EQ presets on your phone. You can tailor-fit the audio profile based on how you hear and 10 different signature sounds are available for whichever one suits you best .

The Galaxy Buds Pro comes with a built-in EQ so you can easily customize your audio experience. You might want to do this on the phone itself if it’s Samsung, but they’re both easy enough .

The OnePlus Buds Pro also has a sensitive stem-like Apple’s AirPods. Pinch the earbuds quickly to pause or skip tracks, and hold down for switching between ANC ( ambient noise canceling) mode and ordinary listening volume levels, pinch twice to skip songs .

The touchpad on Samsung’s Buds Pro is a great alternative to buttons. Instead of pressure, light taps control playing music and skimming tracks/answering calls – making it easier than ever before. The Samsung Buds Pro earbuds come with customizable controls that can be accessed through the Wearable app. In addition, there’s a Double-tap edge toggle for tapping your ears when you need quick access to information like incoming calls .

Connectivity and Battery Life:

The two competing brands, Samsung and OnePlus use different methods to provide high-quality sound. The Buds Pro from Samsung uses their proprietary codec Scalable which provides high-quality audio streaming, while the low-latency LHD audio format ensures that there is no lag time when listening through these.  OnePlus with excellent streaming capabilities .

You can pair these wireless earbuds to two different Bluetooth devices simultaneously, and they can switch depending on what device you want to listen to. This is called Dual Connection by OnePlus or a Seamless connection between multiple headphones/earphones from Samsung – but it’s not true multi-point connectivity like some other earphones offer .

While the battery life is tricky when it comes to the two, with ANC turned on both the OnePlus Buds Pro and Samsung Buds Pro deliver 5 hours of playtime. Turn off this noise-canceling feature however you get 8 hrs from the Samsung earbud and 7 on the other one. For calls, Samsung offers up to 5 hrs far compared to 3hrs through an average conversation via smartphone from the OnePlus Buds Pro .

The OnePlus charging case offers 23 hours of battery life with ANC on and 31 without it. Meanwhile, the Samsung Buds Pro only adds 13 hrs to their already impressive 20 hours run time when you turn off ANC. both come with quick charging .


The OnePlus Buds Pro is a great alternative to the Samsung Galaxy Buds. They provide strong sound performance and offer longer battery life than their competitor, which can be charged through an external case when you’re not using it so much for them not to run out quickly during your day. Another point is that they have an affordable price when compared to Samsung .

The Galaxy Buds Pro has an advantage in the ANC category. While not being one of the best noise isolation headphones, their audio streaming quality is better than what you would expect from budget-friendly OnePlus earbuds anyway with seamless connection and ample battery life which does most things well – If your phone supports it then these will be perfect for use while on android OS mobile devices because they’re made by Samsung who knows how to make great products that last long enough .

FAQ - OnePlus Buds Pro vs Samsung Buds Pro 2023 :

Can you customize the EQ on the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro ?

Can you customize the EQ on the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

You can customize the EQ settings of your Galaxy Buds Pro by diving into its Samsung phone’s menu. There are preset sound profiles, but you have full reign over what kind of frequencies we want to highlight in each one .

Which is better when it comes to the OnePlus Buds Pro vs OnePlus Buds Z ?

Which is better when it comes to the OnePlus Buds Pro vs OnePlus Buds Z

The improved design and features of the OnePlus Buds Pro make it a more refined option than its budget-friendly predecessor, but if you don’t mind relying on passive noise isolation the Z is still an excellent choice .

What is the OnePlus Buds Pro dual connection ?

What is the OnePlus Buds Pro dual connection

The dual connection on the OnePlus Buds Pro means you can connect your earbuds to two different devices and they will automatically switch the device with the audio source .

How long is the warranty on the Samsung Buds Pro ?

The manufacturer provides a one-year warranty .

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