Oculus Quest 2 vs PSVR : What are the differences between Popular VR Headsets

Oculus Quest 2 vs PSVR

As popular VR headsets like the Oculus Quest 2 vs PSVR continue to proliferate, many buyers are left wondering which one is better for them. today, we will explore the key differences between these two headsets so that you can make an informed decision about which one to buy. Keep in mind that these headsets are likely to see updates and changes in the next few years, so some of this information may become outdated over time. Nonetheless, let’s take a look at how these two headsets stack up against each other.

Oculus Quest 2 vs PSVR Comparison Chart


Oculus Quest 2

PlayStation VR


LCD, 1832 x 1920 per eye

OLED, 960 x RGB x 1080 per eye

Refresh Rate

60 to 120 Hz (72 Hz base default)

90 or 120 Hz


About 90 degrees (estimated)

100 degrees


Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 Platform



64 or 256 GB



1 x USB-C



1.1 lbs

1.3 lbs


The Oculus Quest 2 is a great device for those who want to get straight into playing games without worrying about setting up any additional hardware or wiring it. With touch controllers and AA batteries as standard, you can just unbox the package and start gaming.

In order to use the PSVR, you will need a Playstation Camera and either an original PlayStation 4 or 5. These are not available on their own so they have been canceled from availability entirely. The PlayStation Move and Aim controllers are also necessary for some games. In addition, they can be purchased as an additional cost if needed.

The Oculus Quest 2 is a wire-free virtual reality headset that allows you to explore the game world around with ease. You can also connect it in order to access PC VR games with Oculus Link Cable, expanding your catalog even more. While the PSVR must be connected to your console in order for it to work, this means you will have less space available.

both virtual headsets have the same comfy, they are lightweight to play for a long time. The halo strap on this PSVR model makes all of the difference in how fitting headgear feels.

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The noticed thing about the PlayStation VR is that it has an exclusive library of games. The game’s got a rich and varied line-up that includes Astro Bot Rescue Mission, Iron Man VR missions in which you can immerse yourself into characters and do the tasks. There are also first-person shooters like Farpoint.

The PSVR has a variety of free games to keep you entertained, including The Playroom VR and Rec Room. In these virtual spaces, your friends can hang out while playing fun mini-games or in activities like in real life.

Oculus Quest 2 is an exciting virtual reality headset because it comes with so many free games. You can enjoy all these awesome, high-quality VR titles without having to spend a penny.

Elixir is a game where you take on the role of an apprenticeship wizard and experiment with magical stuff to your heart’s content. Echo VR places players in zero-G space, requiring them to shoot discs into opponents’ goals. Immersive stories have become more popular in recent years, including Dear Angelica and Traveling While Black.


The Oculus Quest 2 offers a higher resolution per eye of 1832 x 1920, while the PSVR only offers 960×1080. The Oculus Quest 2 has LCDs, while the PSVR OLED display technology allows for a better gaming experience.

The PSVR’s 100-degree field of view is a little wider than Oculus’ Quest 2, which has an estimated 90 degrees. The refresh rate on both the Oculus Rift and Quest can go up to 120 Hz,  it’s thanks to an update from version 28 that The Oculus Quest 2 can touch the rate.

The Oculus Quest 2 is a more accurate and better tracking device than the PlayStation VR. It even has hand-tracking, so you can put down your touch controllers from time to time. The problem with the Playstation VR is that it uses your controllers and camera for tracking, but when you move beyond what can be seen by PSVR devices’ lines-of-sight they will no longer register.


The Oculus Quest 2 is an exciting addition to the family, but it requires you to sign in with Facebook. This might put some people off due to their privacy concerns and all they need is a burner account.

The PlayStation VR isn’t an independent headset. It needs to be paired with the console, camera, and motion sensor for some games which allows you a full immersion in the gameplay. The Oculus Quest 2 offers a better value than the PSVR device because it can be used right out of the box with no need for additional hardware. But it’s worth mentioning that there are PSVR bundles available that are designed for the necessary peripherals and a game or two to have the best experience.

FAQs - Oculus Quest 2 vs PSVR (2023)

Which is better, the Oculus Quest 2 or PSVR?

The Oculus Quest 2 is a much more modern VR headset than the PlayStation VR, but it does have one major drawback. You need to sign in with Facebook before you can use this device and play any games. The PSVR is great if you prefer exclusive games.

Is 64 GB enough for the Oculus Quest 2?

The 64GB Oculus Quest 2 is more than enough for most people who plan on installing games onto their pc. However, if you want the best experience and don’t want to rely on pc then go ahead and buy one of these 256 GB variants to have more space to set your games.

 Will there be a PSVR 2?

 the PSVR is available for people to step up their games.

 Is it worth upgrading to the Oculus Quest 2?

The Oculus Quest 2 has been announced, and it’s better than the original across every category. From processing power to display quality.


The Oculus Quest 2 offers a more beginner-friendly experience because it comes packaged with all of the necessary tools and can be used wirelessly, but the downside is that you will need to sign in using your Facebook account.

The PlayStation VR requires other peripherals that are sold separately, and it has to be connected directly with a PS4 or 5 at all times for you to use your virtual reality headset. However, there is some excellent exclusive content available on this platform.

The Oculus Quest 2 is clearly a better choice if you want an easy-to-use and comfortable gaming experience if you don’t mind signing in with Facebook. The PlayStation VR is a nice option if you want access to exclusive games without using a Facebook account.

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