Kobo Clara vs Kindle Paperwhite : Which is best ?

Kobo Clara vs Kindle Paperwhite

One of the major reasons people prefer e-readers over physical books is that they’re easy to carry around and can have access at any time. It can be tough to decide which e-reader is right for you. Do you want a device with a large screen or something that’s easy to take on the go? If you’re looking for a quality device that will let you read your favorite books, then take a look at the Kobo Clara vs Kindle Paperwhite. Both devices offer great features, but there are some key differences between them. In this article, we’ll compare the Kobo Clara and Kindle Paperwhite so that you can decide which one is best for you.

Kobo Clara vs Kindle Paperwhite Comparison Chart


Kobo Clara

Kindle Paperwhite


4.3 x 6.3 x 0.33 inches

4.9 x 6.9 x 0.32 inches


5.86 ounces

7.23 ounces


                  6 inches

E Ink display

300 PPI

6.8 inches

E Ink display

300 PPI

IP Rating










Not supported

Audible via Bluetooth

Adjustable Light



Charging Interface

Micro USB



The design of the Kobo Clara HD and Kindle Paperwhite is a little similar, with thin bezels on the sides as well as on the top. They are also well known for a thicker bezel at the bottom.

With its small size and lightweight, the Kobo Clara HD is perfect for those who enjoy reading on the go, it measures 4.3 x 6.3 x 0.33 inches and weighs only 5.86 ounces.

The Kindle Paperwhite also is a sleek and lightweight e-reader, measuring 4.9 x 6.9 x 0 inches It weighs just 7 ounces so you can take it wherever life takes your reading adventures while traveling.

The Kobo Clara HD is a more convenient and portable e-reader. It’s easy on your hands, meaning that you can read for longer periods without getting cramps or other hand problems.

One major difference between the Kobo Clara HD and its sister tablet is that it has a screen of lower quality, which can lead to dirt accumulation due in part to not being flush against bezels.

With its flush-front design, the Kindle Paperwhite is perfect for those who want their screens clean without any distractions. You won’t have to worry about dirt or dust getting between your screen and bezels thanks to its smart design. The IPX8 rating also means that this device is waterproof, making it perfect for activities like camping and fishing. Also read: iPhone 13 vs 13 miniKindle Paperwhite vs iPadGoogle Pixel 6 vs Pixel 5 ,Kindle Paperwhite vs OasisGraco SnugRide vs SnugLockFrigidaire vs GE RefrigeratorEvenflo Pivot Xpand vs GoldGalaxy Tab S8 vs S8+ ,


With its 6-inch E Ink HD screen and resolution of 1072 x 1448,  The Kobo Clara delivers an incredible 300 PPI (pixels per inch).  This device is perfect for those who love reading on the go.

The Kindle Paperwhite has featured a 6.8-inch screen that provides the same pixel density of 300 pp. The small screen of the Kobo Clara HD allows it to display sharper and clearer text, but there are almost no differences in its display.

The two devices are very similar in appearance, function, and ease of use. One difference between the E-Ink displays lies with their size, one is larger than another but this doesn’t make much of a difference when it comes to reading text on either device as they both offer clear viewing angles regardless if you’re looking at them head-on or off-angle. the quality resembles the appearance of actual paper on both.


The two screens are very similar when it comes to features. They both have adjustable back lights that allow the user to choose their brightness and color temperature preference, which makes them perfect for any reading habit.

This Kobo Clara HD e-reader is equipped with an automatic backlight that adjusts depending on the time of day and your chosen zone. Only The Signature edition of the Kindle Paperwhite has this additional feature that the standard version does not have, but it’s quite expensive.

The two devices have a total of 8GB of internal storage, which is more than enough to store all your eBooks. They don’t come with built-in microSD card slots but it doesn’t affect the functionality or user experience so no worries there.

Kindle Paperwhite owners get an exclusive feature that nobody else can enjoy. It’s called Audible support and it means you no longer need a separate device or service for listening to audiobooks on the go – just download them directly onto your Kindle. One downside about this feature is that you can’t use it with regular headphones. You’ll need some sort of Bluetooth earbuds or else just forking over money on new ones to match this feature.

Supported Formats

The Kobo Clara HD is perfect for those who love reading books on their e-reader. It can support 15 different file formats, including EPUB, MOBI, EPUB3, PDF, and image formats such as CBR and CBZ which means you’ll be able to store all your favorite digital texts in one place.

The Kobo Clara HD is a great e-reader for reading text but it’s not so good if you want to enjoy coloring pages on your black and white screen like comic ebooks.

Kindle Paperwhite is designed to be flexible, so it supports 13 different file formats including  EPUB3, EPUB, and more. It also has an option for listening to audiobooks from Audible.

With both Kobo and Amazon supporting cross-platform compatibility for their iOS and Android app, there is no need to worry about what device you use. It is not possible for books bought through competitor’s stores,  it is not compatible with both Kobo and Kindle.


These devices are powered by batteries that can last for weeks on a single charge. The brightness level of your backlight and the way you set them will affect how long it lasts. There is no difference in battery capacity.

The Kobo Clara HD allows you to charge your device with a micro USB port, while the Kindle Paperwhite also has an option for using its own charging USB-C port.

FAQs - Kobo Clara vs Kindle Paperwhite (2023)

Is Kobo Clara better than Kindle Paperwhite?

The Kindle Paperwhite is a much better choice if you love reading or enjoy audiobooks in bed or on your commute. It’s the perfect way to enjoy some alone time with yourself, and it also has an excellent design.

 Does Kobo Clara support Kindle books?

Kindle books on Kobo Clara HD? Yes, they are possible. But these workarounds aren’t guaranteed so you’ll have to risk it

 Does the Kobo Clara HD have WIFI?

Yes, it connects to the internet via 2.4GHz WiFi.

  Can you watch Netflix on a Kindle Paperwhite?

Kindle Paperwhite is a great device for reading eBooks and listening to Audible audiobooks but it does not allow you to watch any type of content on the Kindle platform.


The Kobo Clara HD is an excellent choice for those of you who want to read eBooks only. The store rivals titles with Kindle, so it won’t be missing anything if your preference goes with this device. It also comes in at a lower price point and can easily fit into any bag or carry-on without weighing down too much – making transportation easier for everyone involved.

If you want an e-reader with support for audiobooks, the Kindle Paperwhite is excellent. It’s not as lightweight or compact compared to other devices on this list but it does come with a better design and access to both Amazon’s marketplace as well as Audible which many people find themselves happy about in their decision because those features are all that matter when deciding between these two competing brands anyway.

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