JBL Flip 6 vs Flip 5 : Which is better ?

JBL Flip 6 vs Flip 5

It’s no secret that JBL speakers are some of the best on the market. But is upgrading to the Flip 6 worth it? To help you figure it out, we’ll compare JBL Flip 6 vs Flip 5 to help you decide. We’ll cover everything from design to sound quality to determine which speaker is right for you. So if you’re looking for a quality Bluetooth speaker, keep reading.

JBL Flip 6 vs Flip 5 Comparison Chart


JBL Flip 6

JBL Flip 5


Portable Bluetooth speaker

Portable Bluetooth speaker




Frequency Response

63 Hz – 20k Hz

63 Hz – 20k Hz

Output Power

20 W RMS (woofer)

10 W RMS for (tweeter)

20 W (woofer)

Bluetooth Version



Battery Life

12 hours

12 hours

Charging Time

2.5 hours

2.5 hours




JBL Partyboost



Customizable EQ



Mobile App

Yes, JBL Portable

Yes, JBL Portable


7 x 2.6 x 2.8 in

            7.12 x 2.91 x 2.71 in.


1.21 lb

1.2 lb


Both the JBL Flip 6 and 5 come in a similar cylinder-like shape. They’re lightweight with dimensions comparable to other Flips before them, Both are covered by With a similar tight-knit fabric, these designs are perfect for any space.

The Flip series of speakers are designed to be placed horizontally or vertically. With their rubber ends, they can easily be adjusted for any orientation and will sound great no matter what position you place them in.

The Flip 5 has a sleek and stylish design that is sure to catch your eye. The company’s branding has been replaced with a small eye-catching logo, which can be seen from every angle of the device. The Flip 6 speaker is designed with a much larger logo on its grille, and it ditches the full-name branding of passive radiators in exchange for a JBL exclamation mark.

The Flip 6, Flip 5 speaker features an intuitive control panel with four buttons: one for play/pause and two volume controls, as well an infinity button that enables connection to other JBL compatible speakers.

The backs of these devices are for power, Bluetooth control, and a USB charging port. the flip 6 has a small change: it’s removed the wrap-around plastic and replaced with a small rubber stand keeping them from rolling around on your desk or table while you put it down.

The JBL Flip 6 and 5 are designed for the outdoors. They’re waterproof, but Flip 6 is a high level with the ability to be dust-proof. The built-in strap makes it easy to carry around, and the sturdy structure will last even if you throw them in your bag every day.

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Sound Performance

The Flip 6 is an improvement over its predecessor in every way, with a new exterior design and improved features. JBL’s Flip 5 has a 20-watt woofer that remains largely unchanged from its predecessor. The Flip 6 now includes a separate 10-watt tweeter, which makes higher frequencies sound smoother than before.

The newer JBL Flip is a great option for those who need their speakers to cover more frequency ranges. On the previous model, you could only go from 65 Hz to 20 kHz but now they have extended that range by increasing it from 63 Hz to 20 kHz on the Flip 6. However, the wireless speakers offer a clean and balanced sound profile. If you want something boomy then both Flip 6 or 5 will deliver that as well.

The JBL Portable app is where you can customize your EQ settings on the Flip 6. You won’t be able to do anything with the low bass, though – it’s not compelling enough for any changes or additions. The midranges, highs, and lows are all more pronounced in this device which will please those who want to hear them.

With a stronger bass and better clarity, the Flip 6 provides users with higher volume levels than before. The audio quality is realistic for those who want their music to be heard without any distortion at an affordable price point that should please most people.

Mobile App

JBL has an app that lets you control your music, adjust the volume, and more from anywhere in the room with just an internet connection. They’ve renamed it to Jbl Portable because its features are all about being able to enjoy them on the go.

While the new name is changed, you still get most of the same features. The app has been made easier to navigate with a simple design that makes navigating through functions easier.

JBL has released the app for their Flip line of speakers, which allows users access to EQ customization on Flip 6. The mobile device version can be found on both Android and iOS devices. The JBL Portable not only has an easy-to-use interface but also offers access to helpful resources like firmware updates and guides. If you want more control over your soundstage, there’s PartyBoost for that.

Battery Life and Connectivity

 The Flip 6 offers similar battery life to its predecessor, with a maximum playtime of 12 hours. The actual performance will vary depending on how you use it and if PartyBoost is enabled. Charging time is the same, too – at 2.5 hours. Unfortunately for those who love quick charge options on their devices, this isn’t available yet with Flip series models.

JBL’s latest waterproof wireless speaker now comes with Bluetooth 5.1, making it easier than ever before to connect your music and movies seamlessly across all devices. The JBL 6 speaker is designed to provide stable, fast connections that don’t lag or drop out. It can now support two devices at once which makes it even easier for you to connect your music player of choice.

FAQs - JBL Flip 6 vs Flip 5 (2023)

When is the JBL Flip 6 release date?

 JBL flip-style speaker was published in December 2021, it’s the upgraded version of its predecessor.

Is the JBL Flip 6 worth getting?

The JBL Flip 6 portable waterproof speaker has a great design, incredible sound quality, and is priced affordably. it manages to impress with its performance.

What’s the main difference between the JBL Flip 5 vs Flip 6?

The JBL Flip 6 has been designed with improvements in mind. It’s got better audio performance and Bluetooth connectivity, as well as customizable EQ through the portable app.

 Is the JBL Flip 5 dustproof?

The JBL Flip 5 speaker is not dustproof, but it does have an IPX7 rating which means that the device can withstand water. This makes sense considering its design and function as a portable outdoor Festival speaker.


 If you’re looking for a portable speaker, the JBL Flip series is worth considering. With their latest update JBL Flip 6 to this line of speakers design-wise there are only some refinements that have been made which means they maintain what makes these models great while also adding in more modern features like improved sound quality and aesthetics that make for an improved user experience without sacrificing any functionality or performance make it better than the JBL Flip 5.

The Flip 6 is a portable speaker that not only sounds better but also delivers directionality and customization. Connectivity upgrades make this device more reliable when paired with your phone.

When you’re looking for your first waterproof portable speaker, the Flip 6 will be a better choice. It has more features and innovations that make it stand out in today’s world of music-listening devices. If you’re an owner of the Flip 5, you may want a big change on the next version.

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