Jabra Elite 85t vs 75t: Is it worth upgrading?

Jabra Elite 85t vs 75t

If you’re someone who’s been using a Jabra Elite 65t for the past year or so, you may be wondering if it’s worth upgrading to the new Jabra Elite 85t. In this post, we’ll compare the two headphones Jabra Elite 85t vs 75t to help you decide. We’ll cover everything from design and features to sound quality and battery life. By the end of this post, you should have a good idea of which headphone is right for you.

Jabra Elite 85t vs 75t Comparison Chart


Jabra Elite 85t

Jabra Elite 75t

Form Factor



Active Noise Cancellation

Advanced ANC

Standard ANC (via FW update)

Battery Life

Up to 5.5 hours (ANC on)

Up to 7 hours (ANC off)

Up to 7.5 hours

Charging Case

Up to 20 hours (ANC on)

Up to 24 hours (ANC off)

Up to 20 hours

Quick Charge


Purchasable wireless charging case




Voice Assistant

Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant

Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant

Sound+ App








4-microphone ANC


Protected Against

Water, splash & sweat (IPX4)

Water, sweat & dust (IP55)


The Jabra Elite 85t and 75t are both compact earbuds with an in-ear design. They’re not too different when it comes to design, but there is one other difference worth noting – the size of their speaker driver. The Elite 85t headphones have a 12mm driver while the 75’s are equipped with a 6 millimeter one. This means that The Elite 85t is slightly bigger and better for people who have bigger ear sizes.

The Jabra Elite 75t has round-shaped ear tips that fully seal your canal. These are designed to block out external noise while letting in only what you want. The 85t goes with oval-shaped ear tips that do not create a tight seal, so they can not offer good noise isolation like the sibling.

Controlling your earbuds is a breeze with the Elite 85t and 75th. You can either use buttons on each end,  as well as with charging cases that come equipped with magnetic closures for easy use.

The wireless charging case for the Elite 85t means you won’t have to worry about cables. All Qi-certified chargers are accepted, so your earphone can charge easily. The Elite 75t is compatible with a wireless charging case that can be purchased separately.

The Jabra Elite 85t is perfect for the working professional who needs a headset that can stand up to some rain or be used in an environment where there is still the risk of sweat because of the IPX4 rating. due to the IP55 rating. The Elite 75t are not just water-resistant, they’re dust and sweatproof too.

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Sound Quality

The Jabra Elite 85t was designed with a large driver size of 12mm, which means that the ear tips will not form an airtight seal. A larger sound-producing mechanism does not necessarily lead to better quality audio–the way they are tuned is more important. Thankfully, The new Jabra Elite 85t is designed to sound great, with a more neutral response than the sibling model.

The bass can be overpowering, but the sound quality is still good. Some people don’t like how they tune drivers because it puts too much emphasis on bass tones and ignores higher ones- this might not work for everyone. The noise-isolating ear tips only help in blocking external noises but they actually contribute to more bass.

If you’re looking for a way to customize your music experience, then the Jabra Sound+ app has EQ adjustments that will suit your needs. You can also take advantage of the MySound feature in the app that will allow you to calibrate your earbuds so they perfectly match what’s going on around them. This is available for both models Jabra Elite 85t and 75T.

The Jabra Elite 85t has advanced noise-canceling technology that allows you to hear what’s going on around your ears with HearThrough levels. It has 11 sound modes, including full ANC for those who want extra insulation from outside sounds or just need better quality music at lower volumes without any distractions. The Elite 75t’s built-in noise-canceling technology is available when you get the firmware update.

Battery Life and Other Features

The Jabra Elite 85t offers up to 5.5 hours of battery life with ANC and 7 when it is not being used for noise cancellation. while the 75T can last up to 7+ hrs., depending on how you use your headset (with/without audio).

The case of the Elite 85t gives extra use time up to 20 hours (ANC on) or 24( ANC off) more battery life than its predecessor that only can last in 20 hrs while its case while giving you plenty in return that increased mobility. With a quick charge time of 15 minutes and an hour’s worth of music playback on both models. It is clear that the Elite 85t has better battery life than its competitor when it comes to battery life.

Whether you want to talk or listen, these wireless earbuds have got your back. The best way to customize your listening experience is through the Sound+ App, which also includes features like EQ customization and control. For those who want even more freedom with their audio needs, there’s Siri or Alexa support as well also on both.

FAQs - Jabra Elite 85t vs 75t (2023)

 When is the release date of the Jabra Elite 85t?

 It’s published on November 1, 2020.

Is Jabra Elite 85t worth it?

The Elite 85t is worth it. It improves upon its predecessor in many areas and has a premium build quality to match, making for an excellent choice if you’re looking for performance

Is Jabra Elite 75t worth it?

The device comes with a lot of features that make it worth the cost. It’s also possible to get an ANC feature through firmware updates, which adds even more value to this product.

 Does the Jabra Elite 75t have noise-canceling?

It’s able to get the standard ANC through a firmware update.


The Jabra Elite 85t is a great option for those who want longer battery life, better sound quality, and noise canceling. They also come with more features than their cheaper counterparts like an “ Advanced ANC” that will make it easier to hear what’s going on around you while wearing these headphones. but if you can not pay for these features the Elite 75t  is the final choice.

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