How to get rid of fruit flies

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How to get rid of fruit flies ? Fruit flies are a pest that many people find annoying and difficult to get rid of. However, there are a few simple steps you can take to keep these pests away! Here is a step-by-step guide on how to get rid of fruit flies in your home or business.

What causes fruit flies? Where do fruit flies come from? How to get rid of fruit flies

What causes fruit flies

It’s not uncommon to find a fruit fly in your kitchen, but where do they come from? Fruit flies are attracted to the ripening fruits and vegetables that you keep in your refrigerator. They can be found on grapes, bananas, apples, pears, tomatoes and many others. As soon as you cut into these fruits or vegetables, an invitation is given for them to take up residence in your kitchen.
One of the most common causes for this is watermelon which has plenty of liquid inside waiting for a fly to enter it. This liquid will also provide food for their eggs so even if there isn’t any other fruit around they will continue to multiply until something prevents them from doing so.

Can I just use bleach kill fruit flies ?

How to get rid of fruit flies_

Fruit flies can be a major problem for homeowners. They are attracted to ripe fruit and vegetables, and they lay eggs on any food that is left out. If you have a large infestation, then you will need to use some sort of insecticide to get rid of them. But what about those pesky little ones ? Can I just use bleach as an insecticide to kill these pests ?

The answer is no! Bleach kills bacteria, not insects! You might try using dish soap or rubbing alcohol instead though these products may not work as well as an insecticide would.

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What's the difference between fruit flies and gnats ?

Fruit flies are considered to be more of a household annoyance, while gnats are attracted to wet or organic material or live organic matter. This is one key difference in the pests. The other notable differences includes size and shape: Fruit fly bodies tend to be thicker than gnat’s and they may have bristles on their wings. They also don’t typically bite people like gnats do, but they can transmit disease because fruit flies deposit bacteria on food so it can spoil. It’s also possible that an infestation of fruit flies could present a problem for pregnant people because the fruit fly larvae may consume or contaminate rotting foods such as meat or dairy products. Gnats usually prefer moist parts of buildings .

What’s the fastest way to get rid of fruit flies ?

What’s the fastest way to get rid of fruit flies

Fruit flies are pesky pests that can quickly infest your home. If you’ve noticed one or two fruit flies, there is likely more hiding out in the kitchen or other parts of your home. You might not have time to go through all of your garbage cans, cabinets and drawers to find them all. Instead, you could use a few simple tricks that will get rid of these pests for good!

Put dish soap on a small plate with some apple cider vinegar poured over it – place the plate near where you see most fruit flies flying around – this should kill any fruit fly who tries to land on the surface – Rinse off any surfaces they land on so they don’t breed and multiply .

Apple cider vinegar ?

Apple cider vinegar is a useful household item that can be used in many ways. One of them is to get rid of pesky fruit flies. It’s an easy process and only takes a little bit of apple cider vinegar, water, dish soap, and some plastic wrap .

The steps are simple: fill your sink with about one inch deep worth of water then add two tablespoons worth of apple cider vinegar into the water along with two drops or so of dish soap. Next you’ll need to lay out some plastic wrap over the top for it to work properly- trust me! Once you have everything set up just wait for the fruit flies to find their way inside– they won’t fly away once they’re in there because there’s not enough air .

How to Trap Fruit Flies ?

Fruit flies are a nuisance in many homes and restaurants, so you may be wondering how to trap fruit flies. Fruit flies will leave your fruit bowl alone if you add a little soap to the water. When they go to eat the pieces of fruit that have been soaked, they will get stuck in the soap bubbles. You can also try putting out apple cider vinegar with dish soap added into it. The dish soap helps break down the surface tension of the vinegar and makes it easier for them to sink and drown in it. Another way is to put out some wine or beer for them; this attracts them because fermenting fruits produce ethanol which is irresistible for these insects!

The most common method for trapping uninvited fruit flies is to set out a jar filled with apple cider vinegar. This contains alcohol and fruit flies are attracted to the sweet smell of the alcoholic liquid, but can’t make it across its surface due to its concentration. Once they land on the bottle, they suffocate.

Despite what you may think, a flyswatter will not help unless you want to kill them by hand. In order for them to die from being “hit” by a flyswatter, it has to be within 30 milliseconds of contact–you likely won’t be that quick!

Their bodies are too small and light for even fast reactions from human reflexes. Instead of taking drastic .

Beer and rotten banana ?

Beer and rotten banana emit a similar aroma, which fruit flies find absolutely irresistible. They will fly in from miles away to feast on the juicy-looking mixture, but if they go back to their friends with the news that there’s nothing left for them to eat when they get home, they will not be happy campers. Their fellow drunkard fruit flies will attack and kill the bearer of bad news at breakneck speed before he has a chance to spoil their party plans by telling them “no”. This is why it takes about two weeks after mixing beer and bananas together for fruit flies to disappear completely from your area.”

Tips: You can also use one or more sugar cubes – these work even better! Simply cut

Beer or wine ?

I have not done any research to verify this but I can guarantee that both beer and wine vinegar do nothing for getting rid of fruit flies. Vinegar is also toxic to many other types of insects which is why it’s commonly used as an organic pesticide. So sorry, but if I were you I would invest in some flytraps if the infestation persists for too long otherwise the only way to solve the problem would be brute force (usually involving a vacuum hose) .

It does seem like many home remedies recommend using either beer or wine but don’t rely on these suggestions alone because doing so can lead you astray harming your property more than helping it. Remember, there are no quick fixes when it comes to pest control .

Conclusion :


The best methods for getting rid of fruit flies are to dump out any overripe produce, clean up spills and food crumbs as soon as they happen, and avoid leaving open containers. If you’re still having trouble with the pesky little pests after following these steps then there is a product that can help! You’ll need an insecticide or fly trap (or both) to get this job done. Check out our article on how to choose the right fruit fly killer for your needs before ordering something off Amazon .


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