How To Connect A Bluetooth Keyboard To An LG Smart TV: easy guide

How To Connect A Bluetooth Keyboard To An LG Smart TV

You can control the onscreen keyboard of your smart TV using just one remote. It’s a great option if you need to quickly enter short words or phrases, but it might take some getting used to since there isn’t much space for error correction when typing with this type of input device. You can search for movies, videos, and music on your LG Smart TV by typing the words you want with a keyboard. but How To Connect A Bluetooth Keyboard To An LG Smart TV. When using the integrated web browser on an LG Smart TV, or if you need to type login details for streaming apps and want your work easier then a Bluetooth keyboard is essential. When connecting a Bluetooth keyboard to your TV, this guide will show you how. We’ll also cover common troubleshooting steps that can help fix problems along the way.

How To Connect A Bluetooth Keyboard To An LG Smart TV

Below are steps that you need to follow: 

  •         A Bluetooth Compatible Wireless Keyboard
  •         Your TV Remote
  •         Your LG Smart TV’s manual

Luckily, you can download a PDF copy of your Smart TV’s manual from the LG Support website. This will save it in case to set up and also help with troubleshooting also.

Step 1: Turn on your Bluetooth keyboard

Make sure you charge your Bluetooth keyboard before its first use. If it has faulty batteries or an underpowered battery, this will cause the keys to stop responding and make typing more difficult than necessary.

Some wireless keyboards use a micro-USB or USB-C connector for charging. If you have an Android phone, it’s possible to charge your Bluetooth keyboard with the output from that device.

Your keyboard will indicate that it is fully charged in its quick start guide. Some keyboards flash green LEDs to show you when the charge has been completed, while other models turn off their light indicator after the completion of the charging process. but all this information can be found from reading through documentation included with each product.

The keyboard is ready to use once the power indicator LED has turned on. Connect your device and start typing.

Step 2: Place your keyboard in Pairing Mode

The process for activating pairing mode is different depending on the keyboard you have. Consult your quick start guide to find out how it’s done.

To enter pairing mode, keyboards use one of the following procedures:

  •         with the keyboard which has a dedicated Bluetooth Pairing button, press it.
  •         the one does not come with a dedicated Bluetooth Pairing button, press the power button to pair.

Some keyboards have a LED indicator that will flash blue when in pairing mode. This is how you know if your device has successfully activated its paired settings and can be seen as an indication of a successful connection between two devices.

To pair your Bluetooth keyboard, press and hold down the “Bluetooth 1” key on LG’s official ones or Fn+B if you have an older model. The LED will flash blue when pairing is successful. Also read: Samsung Smart TV Remote Not Working

Step 3: Turn on your TV and go to Settings

Next, you’ll need to power on your LG Smart TV and then wave the remote in front of it so that its pointer can find its way onto the screen.

Find the Settings cog on your TV and select OK with a remote. This will take you into settings for adjusting various aspects of how things work. Let’s go right down to the bottom of this menu. You know, there are three dots. This is where you can adjust settings. hover and Open up the advanced menu with the OK button on the remote and make changes accordingly.

Step 4: Find the LG Wireless Keyboard Menu

The General settings list will appear when you click on the Advanced Settings cog. Point your TV remote to this page and find a button called “General”, press OK to enter. you will see the General Settings list on the screen.

After you scroll down to find the LG Wireless Keyboard and click Connect, this will open a pairing menu for wireless keyboards. Don’t worry about what name is given on there, Non-LGs can be paired through here too.

You can find the name of your device in your device menu and click Connect for easy access. Your TV should now be paired with the keyboard.

Step 5: Test the Keyboard to Make Sure It’s Working

Then, head on over to any text box you can find and start typing. If it’s not too much trouble just launch the YouTube or Netflix app and click Search in order to test.

If you’re having keyboard-related issues, we have a few steps that might help.

Why isn’t my Bluetooth Keyboard Working with my LG Smart TV?

Here are some common fix tips that might work to get your Bluetooth keyboard back up and running.

Check if your keyboard is powered on and fully charged

A common cause of problems with your computer is lack of charge. The keyboard may appear to turn on but quickly die after being powered on due to low or drained batteries, respectively. If you haven’t used it in a while, consider leaving the device charging all night and give its battery enough time.

When the time comes for new batteries, make sure you get to type “AA” or “AAA” depending on what kind of device your keyboard takes. Check inside each battery compartment to ensure that they are compatible with one another, some only take specific types.

Contacting your keyboard’s manufacturer is the best course of action if it isn’t turning on. If you have an older model, chances are that the battery has gone bad or gotten too old to work properly anymore, in which case buying another one from them will be necessary.

Make sure your Bluetooth Keyboard is Close to your TV

Connecting your TV and keyboard can be a hassle if they’re too far apart. The Bluetooth signal has a limited range, so you may not get an accurate response from your keyboard. ensure you are using in the allowed distance.

It is possible that your keyboard’s range just isn’t long enough to be practical. If you find yourself constantly frustrated with trying unsuccessfully to connect it, consider getting a more reputable brand like Logitech or an official LG Wireless Keyboard which has been proven capable of reaching farther without interruption,

My Bluetooth keyboard is not appearing in the Available Devices list.

If you’re having trouble finding your keyboard, first check if it’s still in pairing mode. Bluetooth devices have a time-out feature to save battery life where they turn off after a long wait and will appear again when reconnected. so try following Step 1 again to reconnect.

When pairing a Bluetooth keyboard with your new device, make sure that you disconnect any other device from its list of connections before trying to connect it. This way the connection will go through without hesitation and there won’t be anything stopping what should happen naturally.

Reset your Bluetooth Keyboard

If the Bluetooth keyboard still doesn’t work or shows up as an available device, try performing a hard reset on your phone.

Resetting your keyboard will clear any Bluetooth profiles you have. In addition, if it stores macro shortcuts or previously paired devices this process may wipe them from the device’s memory so make sure to back up those files before resetting.

The reset button on your keyboard can be found in different places, depending upon the model. If you don’t have any markings that indicate where this feature is located then try looking under or behind the battery cover for a small hole that may reveal its presence or read the manual guide.

Can I use a USB Keyboard with My LG Smart TV

Wireless keyboards are a great way to improve your LG Smart TV experience. Some wireless devices come with small USB receivers, which you can use easily.

Step 1: Look for the USB Port on the back of the TV

Behind your TV, look for the USB port. It will be an open rectangle connector that you are likely already familiar with from computers and laptops.

Step 2: Plug in the keyboard’s USB cable/dongle

Next, make sure you plug the USB cable into your TV. Push on it gently to make sure it fits

Step 3: Test and Enjoy

The new LG Smart TV allows for a settings-free experience with keyboards and mice. Simply plug your input USB receiver onto the screen, you can enter some text into any textbox or wiggle away as if it were an ordinary mouse/keyboard combo on other devices.


If you are looking for an affordable way to add a keyboard to your LG Smart TV, then using a Bluetooth keyboard is the best option. By following the steps in this guide, you will be able to connect a Bluetooth keyboard to your LG Smart TV in minutes.

FAQ - How To Connect A Bluetooth Keyboard To An LG Smart TV:

Can I connect a wireless keyboard to an LG Smart TV?

 You can connect a wireless keyboard to an LG Smart TV by using a USB receiver. To do this, simply plug the receiver into the USB port on your LG Smart TV. Then, press the “connect” button on your keyboard. Your keyboard should now be connected to your LG Smart TV.

Does LG Smart TV have Bluetooth?

Yes, LG Smart TVs have Bluetooth. You can use Bluetooth to connect a wireless keyboard or mouse to your TV or to listen to music on a Bluetooth speaker. To enable Bluetooth on your LG Smart TV, go to the Settings menu and select Network > Bluetooth.

How do I connect my Bluetooth keyboard to my Smart TV?

We do show users a detailed guide above, make sure you read carefully and follow step by step.

Can you connect a wireless keyboard to a smart TV?

Yes, you can connect a wireless keyboard to a smart TV. Many modern TVs have a Bluetooth connection that will allow you to pair with a wireless keyboard. If your TV doesn’t have Bluetooth, you can also use a USB dongle to add Bluetooth connectivity.

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