Graco SnugRide vs SnugLock : What is the best Graco Infant Car Seat ?

Graco SnugRide vs SnugLock

Graco is one of the leading infant car seat manufacturers in the United States. With their Graco  SnugRide vs SnugLock models, parents have two excellent options from which to choose. This blog post will compare and contrast the two infant car seats, in order to help parents decide which one is best for them. Both seats are safe and reliable, but there are some key differences that may be important for parents to consider before making a purchase. Keep reading for a closer look at Graco’s SnugRide vs SnugLock infant car seats.

Graco SnugRide vs SnugLock Comparison Chart


Graco SnugRide SnugFit 35 LX

Graco SnugRide SnugFit 35 DLX

Weight Limit

35 lbs

35 lbs

Height Limit



LATCH System

One-Second InRight LATCH

One-Second InRight LATCH

Anti-Rebound Bar



Silent Shade Canopy



Premium Support



Dimensions (W x H x D)

18.1″ x 24.5″ x 28″

17.5″ x 25.5″ x 29″


Joslyn, Pierce, Nash, Perkins

Spencer, Eliza, Pierce, Maison, Hamilton


The Graco SnugRide infant car seat series is a popular choice for parents looking to use their baby’s first few months in the vehicle with care. What sets this line apart from other models on sale at your local retailer or parent’s favorite website? They are Graco SnugRide series of rear-facing infant car seats, they come equipped standard by including features and utmost safety options.

The SnugFit system is designed to reduce the risk of injury in car accidents by providing an anti-rebound bar on the car seats. The SnugLock car seat base is a great way to keep your little one safe while you’re on the go. Installing this system couldn’t be easier and can quickly secure them in their seats with just one minute of time by the seat belt or LATCH system.

The Graco line of infant car seats offers a choice between two different technologies, with either the more secure Snug Fit or simpler Lock-in Design. The SnugRide 35 LX is perfect for parents on the go. With its anti-rebound bar, this seat guarantees that your child will stay safe in their car seat while you’re driving around. With the SnugLock car seat base, installation is made easy in just one minute.

The SnugRide SnugFit models with the “LX” label have a special feature that allows for easy installation and removal. It’s simple, straightforward, and handed. it is called  SnugLock. Finally, Elite and DLX both come with extra features such as a one-hand adjustable handle, and easy-to-remove seat pads for replacement or cleaning. Also read: How To Lose 100 Pounds Fast

Popular Models

The Graco SnugRide 35 LX and the DLX are two different models that have many unique features.  so this article is based on them to show you those unique features

Their similarities are vast across the board, from their weight limit to features, for example, the silent shade canopy and no-rethread harness. They also came with an anti-rebound bar and a one-minute installation. Finally, The Snug Fit and LX labels are both designed with the infant in mind, but there is a difference between them. The DLX has better head support for the infant’s head and body which makes it better but it costs more.

The Graco SnugRide 35 Elite is a versatile car seat that will keep your little one comfy no matter the weather. It has an all-weather boot, they are built up based on two models. And though it doesn’t come with the LX label, the SnugLock baby car seat has been designed with SnugLock technology.

Weight and Height Limits

 The number in a Graco SnugRide’s name tells you how max heavy and tall they can fit, they also go with manual or you can visit their web to know. If your baby is above this limit, you have to choose another car seat.

If you see an infant car seat with the letter “35” on it, then that means its maximum weight capacity is up to 35 lbs. The right stroller can also accommodate a baby up to 32 inches tall.

And When you see a SnugRide with the “30” label, that means they can handle up to 30 pounds. They’re all easy enough for anyone who knows what their names mean.

FAQs - Graco SnugRide vs SnugLock (2023)

What is Graco SnugLock?

With Graco SnugLock, installation of your car seat has never been easier. Simply attach it to the vehicle in less than one minute and you’re ready for some driving peace of mind. SnugRide infant car seats with the label “LX” also come with this feature.

What is Graco SnugRide?

Graco SnugRide is a term used to collectively refer to the company’s rear-facing infant car seats. The difference between it and SnugLock,  snugFit is that they refer to different features.

What is Graco SnugFit?

The Graco SnugRide is one of the most secure seats on earth because it has an anti-rebound bar that limits movement to ensure your child’s safety when it goes with the SnugFit label

Which is better, the Graco SnugRide SnugFit 35 LX or DLX?

The Graco SnugRide SnugFit 35 LX and its younger sibling, the DLX version are nearly identical except for one thing: Graco SnugRide SnugFit 35 DLX has better head support.


The infant car seat from Graco, SnugRide is a line for babies. SnugFit features an anti-rebound bar and SnugLock one has a minute installation system which also ensures your little ones remain safe while traveling with you on all roads with a quick setting.

Every tag has a number that represents the weight limit and other information like what kind of features it comes with such as LX, DLX, and Elite labels.

The Graco SnugRide has been a favorite of many parents for its versatility and comfort. the Graco SnugRide SnugFit 35 DLX model offers the best features that the company offers with additional head support, all without breaking your budget.

The Graco SnugRide 35 LX is a great option for parents on the go who are looking to save time and money. It has both technologies, SnugFit and SnugLock built-in at an affordable price point that will suit your needs just fine.


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