Dyna Glo vs Oklahoma Joe : Which is best ?

Dyna Glo vs Oklahoma Joe

Offset smokers are one of the most popular types on the market. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with different features and price points. So, how do you choose which one is right for you? In this blog post, we’ll compare two popular offset smokers, the Dyna Glo vs Oklahoma Joe. We’ll take a look at their specs, features, and pricing, to help you decide which is the best fit for your needs. Let’s get started.

Dyna Glo vs Oklahoma Joe’s Offset Smoker Comparison Chart


Dyna Glo

Oklahoma Joe’s

Model Name

Dyna Glo Signature Series Barrel Charcoal Grill and Offset Smoker

Oklahoma Joe’s Highland Offset Charcoal Smoker




Total Cooking Area

962 sq. in.

900 sq. in.

Primary Cooking Area

675 sq. in.

619 sq. in.




Temperature Guage



Cool Touch Handles



Adjustable Damper



Body Construction




67 x 60 x 34.5 in

57 x 53 x 33.5 in.


169.4 lb

178 lb


One year

2 years


Dyna Glo and Oklahoma Joe’s smokers are designed with horizontal offset and barrel-style. If you are a new user, you are easily mistaken when you think it is similar to a regular charcoal grill.

The Dyna Glo Signature and Oklahoma Joe’s Highland are built with two chambers, the large one for cooking as well as an additional smaller firebox on the side, so they are definitely different from usual BBQ grills. They also are equipped with adjustable dampers for regulating the smokers’ temperature and a smokestack. The center of these offset smokers is where you will find the secondary chamber. This part contains charcoal and wood which are burnt to produce smoke for your smoking experience.

At first sight, The two brands share a few similarities, such as their heavy-gauge steel construction. They also come in a matte-black powder-coated finish that’s capable of handling high temperatures and lends the smokers an industrial aesthetic. The heavy-duty smokers are built to last with a powder-coated finish that can withstand high temperatures. They also come in an elegant matte black design, making them perfect for any kitchen setting.

The below-the-unit storage space offers a place for all your belongings. And, if you ever need to move, there are steel wheels available for this task. The front shelves are designed to hold all of your most-used kitchen utensils so you can cook with ease, which are built in front of the main cooking chambers. Oklahoma Joe’s has a mesh design on their lower and front shelves to allow You to easily put smaller items on them without worrying that they’ll slip. The Dyna Glo smoker has a larger size but its lower shelf is built narrow and has a wire design.

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Cooking Performance

The Dyna Glo Signature smoker packs a larger main cooking area than the Oklahoma Joe’s Highland. Dyna Glo’s offset smoker features a total cooking space of 962 sq. in, while the main cooking area occupies 675 sq in, which is more than enough room for twenty 4-inch burgers.

Oklahoma Joe’s offers 619 sq inches of primary cooking space and an additional 281 from the side firebox, they have everything you need for your next outdoor event. The main chamber of the cooker can hold up to 4 pork shoulders weighing eight pounds each, which is perfect for cooking seven whole chickens 4.5 lbs each.

The porcelain-coated steel cooking wise, which is why they’re perfect for barbecues, both smokers are durable and capable heat conductors. However, one downside compared to other models we’ve seen before, thinner grates than what you find on most brands. The small size of the side boxes makes these smokers less versatile when it comes to storing your charcoal and wood chips because they are not suitable for larger logs.

The Dyna Glo and Oklahoma Joe’s smokers are both able to control the temperature with multiple adjustable dampers on the smokestack, as well as the firebox. The fireboxes on these stoves are featured with an easy access door for adding fuel or stoking wood to increase the temperature. Dyna Glo and Oklahoma Joe’s smokers can be used as regular charcoal grills. but their main chambers are not equipped with an ashtray, so it’s a pity.

Other Features and Accessories

The offset smoker from Dyna Glo is perfect for those who want to cook at home. This unit comes with a built-in temperature gauge, which makes it easier than ever before to keep an eye on how hot your smoking gets. The cool-touch handles on their main chamber and firebox make them easy to use. Their smokebox and firebox adjustable dampers are not built-in with the same features, so you still have to wear gloves or mittens while using these features.

The durable front shelves on both the Dyna Glo and Oklahoma Joe’s smokers give you plenty of space to store food, cookware, or utensils. They run throughout the main chamber so there’s no need for an external shelf. The Dyna Glo and Oklahoma Joe’s firebox have their own ashtray so you can enjoy your cookout without worrying about cleaning.

Oklahoma Joe’s is the champion when it comes to accessories. The brand has its own catalog of tools, cookware, and gear that can be added to your cooking experience with ease while also selling a range of wood pieces from flavored chips all the way up through chunks for kindling or fuel sources at any time you need them. Dyna Glo’s limited range of accessories makes it harder for smokers to find the perfect cover.

FAQs - Dyna Glo vs Oklahoma Joe (2023)

 Is Dyna Glo a good grill brand?

Dyna Glo has been getting high ratings from consumers for its well-designed and versatile smoker.

 Can I use the Oklahoma Joe’s Highland offset smoker as a regular charcoal grill?

The Oklahoma Joe’s Highland main chamber is a great device to cook and enjoy your food, it can be used as a regular grill. But, it doesn’t come with an ashtray so cleaning this grill may take some time.

 How long is the warranty of the Oklahoma Joe’s Highland offset smoker?

Oklahoma Joe’s high-quality smoker comes with two years of warranty on the parts such as the lid, firebox, and grates, you’ll get this protection in case anything were ever wrong.

 Does the Dyna Glo Signature Series barrel offset smoker come with a smoking rack?

Dyna Glo smokers come without a smoking rack.

Which is a better offset or reverse flow smoker?

Both come with the same features, but Oklahoma Joe’s Highland offers a better design for an organization with more shelf space. And it’s cheaper.


The Dyna Glo Signature Series and Oklahoma Joe’s Highland offset smokers offer a heavy-duty design with good ventilation, as well as ample storage space. These features make them perfect for the job of smoking food. Dyna Glo’s smoker is larger, but its advantage in cooking space is negligible.

Oklahoma Joe’s Highland offers a cheaper alternative to Dyna Glo, while it comes with the same features set and more storage space because this smoker is better designed for an organization with more shelf space. With Oklahoma Joe’s Smokers, you can have a great time cooking with the best of them. The product comes with an excellent user rating that speaks volumes about its performance.

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