Do Planks Burn Belly Fat : How to do planks for beginners?

Do Planks Burn Belly Fat_

There are many reasons why people ask if planks will burn belly fat. To be fair, this exercise is known to strengthen the core and also target different muscle groups in your stomach area- so it’s possible that doing them may help reduce abdominal weight .

If you want a flat stomach, then planks are an excellent way to start. They work magic on flattening your tummy and they’re also easy enough that even beginners can do them. Now let me show how this works with the top guide for doing planks correctly so be sure not to miss out by following these steps below :

Can Plank lessen Belly Fat :

We all know that a plank is one of the most calorie-burning exercises. Not only does this because it engages many muscles at once, but also helps you flatten your stomach fat and improve core strength in particular areas like posture flexibility or tighter tummies .

Planks are a simple yet challenging exercise that will make you stronger and more resilient. Experts recommend holding the plank for around 60 seconds at least three times in order to get benefits from this, reduces muscle tension, improves balance all while looking cool .

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The 21-Day Best Planks Ideal For Belly Fat :

Planking has been said to strengthen the core, which connects our upper and lower bodies. The planks workouts also aid in toning legs as well as abs, it helps improve balance throughout one’s entire body while shaping posture at the same time. This 21-day action plan sounds simple but for beginners ensure you get enough rest AND don’t overdo yourself .

Week 1: Doing from around 20 seconds then increase to 60 seconds .

Week 2: Exercising extra time from 60 seconds  to 90 seconds .

Week 3: Slowly increase time right from 90 seconds to about 120 seconds :

The forearm plank is a simple position that can be done anywhere. It’s one of the first positions you should try when starting out on a yoga mat, and it involves placing your forearms on top or an absorbent surface like a foam mat with elbows aligned below shoulders at a shoulder-width distance apart. Align them so they are parallel right up against each other .

You can also clasp your hands together for the best comfy, and keep the spine correctly aligned by looking at a specific spot on the ground about 30 centimeters before thee. In this posture take care so that head will be right in line with the back, hold its position for 20 seconds .

Single–leg plank (week1) :  

When you are comfortable with the above Plank, so get started with one leg plank. raise one leg up to make more pressure on the core but do it when you feel really comfortable. When you do well after a week, do it in more time about the 30s .

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, take some time out for self-care by lowering your knees on the floor for a few seconds. This will allow your body to have rest and relaxation .

Standard Plank (Week 2) :

This is the second week of your workout. You should be doing strengthening exercises. Put both hands under your shoulders and squeeze glutes to stabilize your body while your toes to the floor. in this posture keep your spine and neck correctly. make sure your head is in line with your back .

Try to keep this posture in ten seconds, bending your right elbow then letting it down on the floor. do it the same way with the left then return to the beginning posture by unbending the arms one after the other. In this period you should increase the exercise time from 60 to 90 seconds .

Dolphin Plank (week 3) :

This is the last week so you should  exchange forearm planks to dolphin planks often. This workout not only tones and strengthens your abs, core & shoulders but also helps with stress relief as well because it is quite similar to yoga .

This is a great way to get your workout started. Start in the forearm plank, then lift up and out your hip with each V shape, do this 15 times. in this period get started in 90 seconds worth of time before increasing to 120s on the 21st day .

The Mistakes To Avoid :

Avoid raising or lowering your back:

Remember to keep Your butt, back, and shoulder in line. your lower body part has to rest on the toes that are tucked inwards. don’t raise you up or avoid dipping the back .

Avoid pushing the belly downward :

Plank is a fantastic way to tone your stomach and lose weight. The primary purpose of planking, however, may not be achieved when doing so while lowering yourself down into the position – consider keeping your body in line .

Avoid holding in longer time :

In fact, the longer you hold your plank position for and without moving around too much – like in a competition where there could be consequences if someone loses focus on their abdominal muscles- then it’s best not to get distracted by challenges that require a high level of concentration .

How You Should Hold Planks Into Place ?

The first step is often the hardest, but once you’ve built up your muscles a bit and get into plank position here’s how it goes : 

  •         Get to push-up on the floor into position .
  •         Bend the elbows to about 90 degrees, rest your weight on forearms for the forearm plank .
  •         Keep the torso right and rigidly followed by forming a perpendicular line from your head to toe with no bending or sagging .
  •         Now you should be able to loo on the floor because it’s relaxed .
  •         Next, hold the position for an extended time as long as you can .
  •         Remember to inhale but do it steadily and slowly .
  •         Once the form starts to suffer, consider pulling the plug .

Performing planks each day will help you burn belly fat and get these top benefits .

  •         Increases your metabolism .
  •         Makes you more flexible .
  •         Improves your mood .
  •         Improves your balance .
  •         Improves the core definition .

·         Improves metabolism .

Conclusion :

Planks are an excellent way to strengthen your muscles and improve balance. Performing one minute of planks every day will help you achieve the best results. Get started today with these powerful bodyweight exercises that can also be done anywhere at any time as long as there is access for keeping up straight without support from anything else except yourself, because even just doing one 1 minute each day also makes a big difference .

FAQ - Do Planks Burn Belly Fat :

How do planks flatten your stomach for beginners ?

A plank is a static exercise that works your core muscles, including your abs. When done correctly, it can help to flatten your stomach .

Here’s how to do a plank correctly : 

  1. Get into a push-up position with your hands directly below your shoulders and your body in a straight line from head to heels .
  2. Brace your abs and hold the position as long as you can .
  3. Repeat 2-3 times .

If you’re just starting out, try holding the plank for 10 seconds at first and gradually work up to 30 seconds or longer. You can also do side planks or reverse planks for an even greater challenge. Remember to always keep your core engaged .

How many planks should a beginner do ?

It depends on what you mean by “beginner.” If you are a complete beginner, start with one plank for 30 seconds and work your way up from there. If you are more experienced, try doing four planks for 30 seconds each. Remember to keep your spine straight and contract your abs throughout the entire exercise .

A plank is a great exercise because it works for multiple muscle groups at once. Not only will you feel the burn in your abs, but you’ll also feel it in your glutes, hips, and shoulders. Planks are a great way to sculpt a strong core and improve overall balance and stability .

How do Beginners start planking ?

There are many ways to start planning. A beginner could start by getting into a basic plank position with their weight on their toes and forearms, keeping their back straight and abs engaged. From there, they could lift one leg up at a time, or alternate lifting one leg and then the other .

How many planks should I do a day to get abs ?

It depends on your current fitness level. If you are just starting out, I would recommend 3-4 planks per day. If you are more advanced, you could do up to 8 planks per day .

Remember to keep your core engaged the entire time and to breathe normally. If you start feeling overwhelmed, stop immediately .


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