DJI Mini 2 vs Holy Stone 720E : Which is best ?

DJI Mini 2 vs Holy Stone 720E

Drones are becoming more and more popular, as they become cheaper and easier to use. DJI and Holy Stone are two of the top manufacturers of drones, and their products offer a variety of features at different price points. We will compare DJI Mini 2 vs Holy Stone 720E to help you decide which drone is best for your needs. Both drones have many great features, but there are some key differences that may make one or the other a better fit for you. Keep reading to learn more about these amazing machines.

DJI Mini 2 vs Holy Stone 720E Comparison Chart'


DJI Mini 2

Holy Stone HS720E


Up to 4000 x 3000

Up to 3840 x 2160


Up to 4K at 30fps

Up to 4K at 30fps

Field of View

83 degrees

130 degrees

Transmission Range



Flight Time

31 minutes

23 minutes


Folded: 81mm x 58mm x 138mm

Unfolded: 203mm x 56mm x 159mm

 Folded: 177mm x 58mm x 104mm

Unfolded: 337mm x 58mm x 240mm


Less than 249g



DJI’s Mini 2 drone is the perfect way to get started with drones. It weighs less than 250g, so you don’t have to worry about registering it and carrying around a heavy device all day long. The note that you will still have to comply with restrictions in your area means it is not possible for everyone who does not register their drone, but they can fly up to 250g or less anywhere.

The heavier, more bulky Holy Stone HS720E is about twice as heavy at 495g and has much larger proportions. Although it’s not nearly as portable because of its massive size, this drone offers features that can’t be found on smaller models.

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Flight Performance

The DJI Mini 2 is a clear winner when it comes to flying. For starters, its transmission range increases up 10km over the Holy Stone HS720E’s paltry 999m and even diminishes down 500 meters in FPV mode.

It has been reported that the maximum flight time for this drone is 31 minutes. However, if you purchase from them through their Fly More Combo option then there will be a 93-minute limit so provide more time working for users. The HS720E has a shorter flight time than the competitor drone in this list. However, it does come packaged in two batteries so you have 46 total minutes of flight time right from the start.

The DJI Mini 2 is equipped with a wind resistance level of 5, meaning it can withstand 29-38kph speeds on your flight. But that’s not all. You’ll also find stable footage when there are strong winds up to 38kpH – so no more worries about losing video due to bad wind conditions.

Picture Quality

The DJI Mini 2 has the ability to take photos up to 4000 x 3000 in a 4:3 ratio and also 4000 x 2250 16 9 aspects. On another hand, Holy StoneHS720E can snap pictures with a resolution of 3840 x 2160. The Mini 2 is the clear winner when it comes to resolution, but both cameras can record in 4K up to 30fps.

The video quality on the new Mini 2 is a whole lot better. Even in 2K, videos are sharper and clearer than 4K footage from its competitor the HS720E. They’re significantly smoother and much more stable. While the Mini 2 has a narrow 83-degree field of view, HS720E provides you with an increased 130 degree peripheral vision.

Other Features

DJI’s QuickShots is a great feature for beginners and experienced flyers alike. It allows you to quickly record footage like the pros without having to take your hands off of the controls, making it easy when capturing important moments with a button tap.

The camera offers a wide range of shooting styles for the uninitiated. These include  Dronie, Rocket, Circle, Helix, and Boomerang to capture that perfect shot with ease. With the DJI Fly app, you can get professional-quality shots just by hovering your drone at least two meters off of the ground and selecting a model.

The Mini 2 also has a great new feature that lets you take panoramic shots in just seconds. You can choose from wide and 180-degree angles, as well as 360-degree sphere photos.

The Holy Stone HS720E is a great choice for beginners because it has more intelligent flight modes that make the drone easier to control. The camera is designed with Point of Interest and Tap Fly features that make flying easier. You can then focus on getting good angles or footage instead. The Follow Me function allows you to easily track the movement of your drone.

The return home feature is standard on most drones these days, so it’s no surprise that both models have this capability.

FAQs - DJI Mini 2 vs Holy Stone 720E (2023)

Is the DJI Mini 2 waterproof?

No, the DJI Mini 2 isn’t designed for waterproofing.

Is Holy Stone as good as DJI?

DJI drones provide a more refined flying experience and their picture quality is usually better than the Holy Stone counterpart.

Is the DJI Mini 2 worth it?

The DJI Mini 2 is an excellent, lightweight drone that has all the features you could ever want in a flight camera. It also comes with QuickShots and Panorama shots. and don’t worry about not being able to use it because there are intelligent modes like Follow Me or TapFly.

Is the Holy Stone HS720E worth it?

This drone is perfect for beginners who want to try out flying before investing in more expensive models with better cameras and flight performance. It’s also one of the most affordable drones on this list, so it won’t break your bank account if you don’t end up liking how things go when trying something new.


For a sub-250g drone, it’s hard to beat the DJI Mini 2. With its sleek design and polished performance, this little guy will have you taking flight in no time. This drone is perfect for beginners looking to take professional-looking photos right off the bat. It has features like QuickShots and Panorama that will help you get your shots without hassle, even if you’re new at flying. It has been designed to give the best performance in all aspects, from wind resistance and flight time.

The Holy Stone HS720E is perfect for those who want to try their hand at flying drones, not only because it includes two batteries but also with its low price point. With a total of 46 minutes of flight time available on one charge you can always have your drone up in the air and ready when needed. If you’re just getting started, the intelligent flight modes are a great way to learn how everything works.

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