Calphalon Unison vs Circulon Elite

Calphalon Unison vs Circulon Elite

Investing in a quality cookware set is an excellent way to elevate your home-cooked meals. With these sets, you’ll have the opportunity of cooking up professional-grade dishes that will leave friends and family impressed with how well they’re cooked. Two collections worth considering are Calphalon Unison (a 10 piece collection) and Circulon Elite – both offer many advantages .

Which cookware set is best for your needs? If you are looking at the Calphalon Unison vs Circulon Elite debate, you might be wondering what the difference is. Both of these sets have a lot to offer, but there are some key differences that might make one or the other set a better choice for your needs. We will take a closer look at these two sets and help you decide which one is right for you .

Calphalon Unison vs Circulon Elite Comparison Chart 2023 :


Calphalon Unison

Circulon Elite


Our Rating


Handle – quadruple-riveted stainless steel

Lid – tempered glass

Handle – stainless steel with silicone insert

Lid – tempered glass

Handle and Lid Materials

Lifetime Warranty



Non-Stick Surface

Yes (Slide and Sear)






Yes but manual hand-washing is recommended

Yes but manual hand-washing is recommended




Maximum Temperature

500 degrees Fahrenheit

400 degrees Fahrenheit




Construction and Design :

If you are looking for a durable set of cookware that can stand up against the elements, then these pots and pans may be just what your kitchen needs. Both lines come with heavy gauge aluminum builds along hard-anodized exteriors making them strong enough to last through almost any situation. You don’t want your pots and pans to bend when you’re cooking, but they also need to be durable. That’s where hard-anodized aluminum comes in, compared with plain old stainless steel, these utensils are 80% stronger so that even occasional accidents won’t cause damage on top of any other wear & tear from normal use. They’re protected by a lifetime warranty too – meaning there’ll always be enough for years worth using at one time .

These two lines have well-thought-out handles and lids. The glass is made of high quality, see-through tempered which makes checking up on your food easily with the extra effortless design. Meanwhile, stainless steel provides durable handles for their compact kitchen necessities making it a great pick as well .

Unison’s extra-long, quadruple-riveted handles are designed to stay cool while you’re cooking. As for Elite not only are their handle rivets but it has silicone inserts that allow for better grip . Read more: Cuisinart vs Tramontina

Non-Stick Surface :

The difference between the Unison and Elite lines becomes more apparent when it comes to their non-stick surfaces. For example, both have a decent level of release for most foods in general with ease. but Unison can boast two kinds of non-stick surfaces which makes cleanup even easier .

Imagine the perfect pan. It’s non-stick, it slides right off when you want to cook something new without any sticking at all, with the Slide surface. And then there’s a sear surface which captures every flavor coming out during the cooking process so your food tastes better than ever before–just like what happened in that burner oven just moments ago with my dinner idea .

One of the best things about Unison is that it has two different non-stick surfaces. Not only are these perfect for cooking, but they also let you do whatever kind of dish your heart desires- from professional-grade results to something more simple and basic .

When it comes to health, the Unison and Elite collections are a safe bet. They both have PFOA-free surfaces which means you can put your worries aside with no worries of harmful chemicals lurking on these pans .

These pans are both dishwasher-safe but we recommend hand washing to maintain their nonstick surfaces. Only use plastic or wooden utensils on them (never metal) for best results and avoid scratching the surface with hard substances like metal, as this may cause ugly scratches that will lessen non-stick surface quality when you cook .

Cooking Performance :

The heavy-gauge aluminum construction of the Unison and Elite collections ensures that you won’t have to wait for a long time before your meal is cooked. Plus, they can distribute heat pretty evenly across all parts in contact with food which means there will be no burnt or raw flavors at any point during cooking .

The best non-stick surfaces are found on the Unison line, that’s why you’ll have no problem flipping your steak or fish over. This is because they’re covered in two kinds of non-stick surfaces, which makes it very easy for any cookware enthusiast to use them without worrying about the food quality .

If you want to cook food in the oven, then these two collections will be perfect for your needs. But keep note that both can withstand inside an Oven. but they have different maximum temperatures depending on which collection would work better based on its purpose or use case. Unison has a higher limit than Elite that is up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit while Elite is only 400 degrees Fahrenheit .

There’s a big difference between these temperatures, but they are enough for cooking food from all ranges. Unfortunately, people who use induction stoves will not get any benefit from this because the pans are not compatible .

Collection :

Give your cooking needs a make-over with this all-inclusive set. The Unison line offers you an eight and ten-inch omelet pan, two 3 liter saucepans with lids, four quarts sauté pans with lids, plus one large pot 8liter perfect for making soups .

With the Elite collection, you’ll get an eight and ten-inch skillet, as well as a two-quart saucepan with lids, an eight and ten-inch skillet, an eight-quart stockpot with lid, a ten-quart, sauté pan with lid, and a one and two-quart saucepan with lids. Both lines are made with a nonstick surface that comes without stainless steel options .

Verdict :

If you’re looking to invest in high-quality cookware that will last for years, both the Calphalon Unison and Circulon Elite collections are worth checking out. The durable material makes them perfect choices if cooking at home is an important part of your lifestyle – they can stand up against tough use while still delivering satisfying results .

The Unison collection is a good choice if you want two kinds of non-stick surfaces and a higher temperature limit. The Elite series would be best for those on a tighter budget, though we still recommend Unison because they’re more durable and flexible in the kitchen .

FAQ - Calphalon Unison vs Circulon Elite 2023 :

What are the Calphalon Unison and Circulon Elite collections made of ?

The two brands, Calphalon Unison and Circulon Elite both have a heavy-gauge aluminum build with hard-anodized exteriors. The durable material is 80% stronger than stainless steel which makes these pans extremely last long before needing to be replaced or refurbished again .

Are the Calphalon Unison and Circulon Elite lines safe ?

Calphalon Unison and Circulon Elite lines are PFOA-free, meaning they don’t contain any toxic chemicals that will transfer to your food. The benefit of using these pans is not just convenience for you but also a healthier lifestyle as well .

Can you use the Calphalon Unison and Circulon Elite lines in the oven ?

Can you use the Calphalon Unison and Circulon Elite lines in the oven

The Calphalon Unison and Circulon Elite lines have different temperature limits. The former can withstand up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, while the latter is limited to 400°F maximum .

Which one is better, the Calphalon Unison or the Circulon Elite ?

For those who need to cook at higher temperatures or have two types of nonstick surfaces, we recommend the Calphalon Unison collection .

Is Calphalon the same as Circulon ?

They are similar, but not the same. Circulon is a brand name owned by Meyer Corporation. Calphalon is a brand name owned by Newell Brands. Both brands make hard-anodized nonstick pans. Hard anodizing creates a harder surface than typical nonstick coatings, making it less likely to scratch or chip. The two brands also have different shapes and sizes of pots and pans in their lines .

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