Breville vs Omega Juicer : Centrifugal and Masticating Juicers – what do you prefer?

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When it comes to juicer, you know what’s best. Especially if your favorite brand is Breville or Omega. These companies have been known as some of the top names in this nutritional world tool for years now and their products live up to full-size expectations every time which makes them an excellent choice when making energizing vegetable drinks at home .

Breville is a high-performance brand that focuses on centrifugal juicers with short prep time. This company also produces slow-speed machines for those who prefer less hurry in their life or any task they are doing at home, such as making juice. While Omega’s juicers have a reputation for being slower and more oxidation-friendly, they’re not afraid to use high speeds when needed . They also make some excellent centrifugal models in addition to the traditional masticating style most often seen .

What’s the best type of juicer ? That could be a tricky question. There are many factors to consider, including price range and how much time you have in your busy schedule for preparing ingredients before drinking them or making nut milk at home with these amazing machines. go ahead with Breville vs Omega Juicer .

Breville vs Omega Juicer Chart 2023

Type of Juice Extractor :

Juicing is a great way to get more fruits and vegetables into your diet, but it can be time-consuming and expensive to buy a juicer that doesn’t work well.  Most juicers are slow, difficult to clean, and don’t yield much juice. As a result, you end up wasting both money and time .

The Breville Cold XL is a fast juicer that extracts the juice from your ingredients with ease. It does this by using centrifugal force generated through a powerful motor and 13,000 rpm spinning speed which instantly yields nutritious produce in just seconds .

The Omega NC900HDC is a single auger masticating juicer that comes with a top speed of 80 rpm. While it may not be as quick, this two-horsepower motor does have enough torque to handle even though ingredients and because heat build-up is minimized during cold press method use – nutrients are maximum retained .

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  • HIGH-TORQUE & LOW SPEED quietly spins at 70 RPM to masticate and squeeze deep nutrition out of fruits and veggies.
  • TALL FEED CHUTE to accommodate large cuts of fruits and vegetables.
  • ULTRA COMPACT SIZE yet durable with its heavy-duty auger providing superior juicing for healthy living and space saving. Includes a 16 oz juice cup and separate pulp container.
  • MAKE HEALTHY AND DELICIOUS JUICES directly from the source. Extract nutrient and vitamin dense juice with minimal effort.
  • EASILY SEPARATE JUICE & PULP from the juice and extract fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, nuts and wheatgrass.
  • CLEAN UP IS A CINCH with an included cleaning brush and easy to disassemble dishwasher safe parts.
  • ONE-YEAR WARRANTY and 120 Volts
  • Healthy, homemade juice in seconds- juice a variety of fruits and vegetables. Juicer is easy to assemble with extra-large pulp bin. Juice cup not included
  • Extra-large 3 inch feed chute fits whole fruits and vegetables – Fit a whole apple, a peeled orange or a handful of kale. Less precutting, and more continuous juicing for fresh fruit juice, vegetable juice, or nutrient packed celery juice
  • Easy to clean – Removable parts are dishwasher safe and BPA free
  • Powerful electric motor for maximum juice: 800w of power can turn a dense beet into smooth juice in seconds
  • *Cup not included
  • Auto-reversing juicing cones provide maximum juice extraction
  • Adjustable Pulp Control with Pulp Basket – Pulp collects in the removable basket so you can throw it out or use it in other recipes
  • Easy-to-Read Measurement – Markings on the clear juice container makes juicing for recipes easy
  • Drip-Free Pour Spout – The container doubles as a pitcher, complete with handle and spout
  • Clear-View Juice Container – The durable plastic container is clear so you can easily see the yield of each piece of citrus.
  • 🍊 600W High-speed Power: Juicer of ZNOAV provides up to 600W of power, and the high-speed motor can make fruit and vegetable juice within 5 seconds. This can quickly save you time, and you can get a quick glass of freshly squeezed juice every busy morning.
  • 🍏 3 Speeds: You can choose the appropriate speed according to the softness of the food. “I” low speed: 12000-18000 rpm, corresponding to soft food such as oranges and strawberries; “II” high speed: 18000-27000 rpm, corresponding to hard food such as carrots and pineapples; “0” pause: The machine can be stopped at any time and get the juice.
  • 🍓 High Juice Yield: The combination of 304 stainless steel high-density filter and anti-corrosion multi-head blade in the juicer can ensure a high juice yield. 30% higher juice yield than other centrifugal juicer
  • 🍍 Large Food Chute: The 3.5-foot food trough can reduce the difficulty of preparing ingredients, and the fruit only needs to be cleaned and simply cut twice before putting it into the juicer. Small apples can go right in without dicing.
  • 🍉 Easy to Clean: All removable parts are dishwasher safe. Use a damp towel and brush to clean the juicer base unit.
  • 🥕 Material Safety: The cutter head and filter are made of food-grade stainless steel, and the lid and juice cup is made of food-grade material without BPA, which is safe and healthy
  • 🍌Safety Design: When using the juicer, the safety lock should be fixed, so as to ensure that the juice will not leak and be safe when the juicer is running at high speed.
  • 🎁Certification & Service: ZNOAV’s juicers are UL certified for product quality and safety you can choose with confidence. We provide 24-hour online service and 24-month after-sales guarantee service. Any questions we will solve for you.
  • Upgraded 500W Motor – Centrifugal juicer machine with upgraded 500W high speed motor, more efficient and powerful, last much longer than other competitor. 3” wide mouth will save your time on cut everything into small sticks.
  • Dual Speed Juicer Machine – Juicer Machine with 2 speed control(12000-18000 RPM), “1” low speed for soft fruits and veg, such as watermelon, orange, strawberry etc. “2” high speed for some hard fruits and veg, such as carrot, apple, pear etc.
  • Centrifugal Juicer with Wide Mouth – Centrifugal juicers have a wide mouth to feed your fruits and veggies into, Save your time on chopping and cutting the fruits and vegetables before juicing.
  • Safety Design and Easy to Clean – Juicer Extractor with locking system arm, it will not work without cover locked into place. Overload protection system will switch off machine once overheating occurs. Detachable parts makes it easy to clean!
  • To remove filter basket, please grasp the edge of the filter basket and pull up. Notice: Avoid trying to juice things with a low water content.
  • A powerful 400-Watt motor extracts all the juicy nutrition from your favorite fruits and veggies.
  • A roomy 2-inch feed chute fits larger chunks of your favorite ingredients. Translation: less chopping, more juicing.
  • We keep it tidy with top-rack dishwasher-safe attachments and a silicone spout cap that catches drips before they hit your countertop.
  • Juice directly into our 16-oz cup, which comes with a twist-on to-go lid for spill-free sipping and portability.
  • This juicer takes up way less space than standard models, making it a breeze to keep on the countertop or tuck away for later.
  • Includes 1 year limited warranty.
  • NOTE: Refer to User Manual before use
  • Product built to North American & Canadian Electrical Standards
  • Maximum Strength For Professional Juice Extraction: Our premium lemon squeezer is made with ultra-strong high quality 18/8 STAINLESS steel, with the perfect metal composition for no corrosion or rusting and unbreakable tank status. You also will have NO SEEDS in your juice. Works perfectly on Meyer lemons, Key limes, limequats, Mexican limes, Eureka or Lisbon lemons, Rangpur or Tahiti limes, from Florida, California or Abroad our citrus juicer tool can squeeze them all with maximum result.
  • Made With High Quality Stainless Steel: This easy-to-use and easy-to-store lemon squeezer is built like a tank. It will last literally a lifetime, if anything happens to it we WILL cover it, just reach out to our USA based customer service team. No more bulky, hard-to-clean juicers crowding the decor of your home bar or kitchen, this citrus press has you covered. Whether you’re a chef or simply want a pampered squeeze, you can be drinking lemonade in a just seconds.
  • Sturdy Heavy Duty Metal Bowls: This stainless steel lemon press/lime press can juice limes, large lemons and even small sized oranges. This manual juicer is made with sturdy food-grade stainless steel, lead-free material, it is secure and reliable. Not made from cheap aluminum.
  • Cleans In Seconds & Dishwasher Friendly: You can easily take out your citrus press for that extra touch in your food or cocktail and simply put it in the dishwasher on the upper shelf like a mug or guacamole bowl. Or, if you don’t use an automatic dishwasher, cleaning it by hand is a breeze.
  • Engineered To Be Easy On The Hands: Watch limes, lemons and even oranges beg for mercy even with a soft squeeze of the hand. If you are used to hand-squeezing citrus, you will be truly amazed at how easy it is to use this professional lemon squeezer. Consider getting two – one for you and one for your best friend, you may just enjoy when they serve you a nice margarita or martini replete with a plastic cocktail pick.

Key Features :

Breville Cold XL is the ultimate juicer for those who want to Juice with care. It has a proprietary technology that helps maintain nutrients and freshness while limiting temperature increases within 2 degrees Fahrenheit. With this feature, it can process hard or soft ingredients quickly without compromising on power thanks in part due to its variable speed settings which allow you control over how fast your mixture will be turned into delicious juice .

Omega’s juicer is a slow-paced machine that relies on the “power of slow speed.” Its auger system creates a tight chamber to press and grind ingredients like leafy vegetables or nuts before squeezing out their juice for you. The durability and ease of use are two features that make the Omega NC900HDC an excellent choice for any home chef. The 5-way adjustable pressure setting allows you to process ingredients with greater precision than other models in its class, while still providing variety when it comes time to juice your favorite fruits or vegetables .

Design :

Breville vs Omega Juicer 2022

The Breville ColdXL and Omega NC900HDC both have sturdy designs with innovative features. With the Cold XL, you get a titanium reinforced cutting disc as well as stainless steel juicing baskets. Breville also offers six color options with interesting names like minimalist Black Truffle and eye-catching Damson Blue. Plus it comes equipped with an extra-large 70 fl oz Seal & Store Juicing Jug along with a cleaning brush for all your fruit/vegetable juice machine needs in one handy package, nozzle included too .

If you’re looking for a high-end, durable juicer that will make your kitchen look sophisticated and stylish then the Omega NC900HDC is an excellent choice. Not only does it have GE Ultem auger material which makes up eight times as strong as regular plastic but also comes in one color variant chrome. making sure everyone can enjoy fresh produce from vegetables without worrying about the quality .

With the NC900HDC, you get a juicing cone for making smoothies and a pulp bowl to make your favorite drinks. There are five nozzles included in this kit so that everyone can have their own special drink .

The difference in weight is negligible. Both appliances are easy to carry and transport, though the Omega’s horizontal design means it will take up more counter space than a vertical juicer like Breville Cold XL .

Juice Quality and Yield :

The Breville Cold XL is the perfect juicer for those who like to drink larger servings of their favorite juice. Its extra-wide 3,5-inch chute can accommodate whole fruits and vegetables without having you cut or chop them up first, which means it will make preparing your drinks even easier. You can juice for days with this machine. Breville’s Cold XL juicer has a huge container that holds up to 72 hours’ worth of storage and comes equipped with an extra-large 70-ounce jug, perfect if you don’t have time to juice often .

The omega NC900HDC features a dual-stage extraction process for high quality, abundance yields . First, the pulp is slowly crushed to separate it from its juices then ingredients are pressed against a screen which separates juice that you get is maximum. You can enjoy a tasty, nutritious drink with the same 3-day shelf life as your favorite grocery store brands when you keep it at fridge temperature .

The two juicers are excellent at handling a wide range of produce. from hard to soft fruits. The Omega NC900HDC has the ability to adjust pressure settings, which are crucial for refining leafy vegetables like celery. It’s an advantage that masticating juicers have over centrifugal extractors. The NC900HDC is a complete food processor that also functions as an excellent juicer. Aside from its standard function of juices, Nutribullets can be used to process noodles into extruded shapes or butter .

Ease of Use :

When it comes to juicing, the Breville Cold XL is arguably easier than Omega NC900HDC. Out of the box and ready for use with only a few attachments required before you can start making your own fruit or vegetable drinks in minutes. With an extra-large chute that will accommodate whole fruits/vegetables, this saves even more time when prepping them compared to NC900HDC .

The Omega NC900HDC is a good juicer that requires some practice to master. The variable pressure settings make it easy, though, you’ll have no problem operating this machine thanks to its simple design and clear instructions. However, some clogged moments will happen sometimes especially when processing soft fruits like pineapple or cranberries .

The Breville Cold XL and Omega NC900HDC are two of the best cold press juicers on the market. They’re both easy to clean, and most of their detachable parts are dishwasher safe. but you need to read the guide carefully before cleaning to know which parts are for the dishwasher .

The Omega juicer is better to wash by hand washing, but the Breville Cold XL needs special attention to its micro-mesh filter. After use, wash these devices thoroughly so that pulp does not clog up your machine .

Conclusion :


The Breville Cold XL is the most powerful, stylish, and easy-to-use centrifugal juicer on today’s market. It comes with a cold-press method like the Omega NC900HDC juicer. Both With adjustable speed settings that can accommodate any need for varying degrees of a product size or amount into your glass without clogging up too much space and they are easy to clean and maintain .

With the Breville, you’ll be able to extract all of those nutrients from your fruits and vegetables with ease. The extra-wide chute ensures there’s no waiting around for pulp or juice as it effortlessly cuts everything down into pieces just right. Plus its cold spin technology does an excellent job at minimizing heat build-up during juicing – making this appliance one worth trying out if ever wanted healthier living options without having any trouble doing so themselves .

The Omega Juicer is a popular choice for those who want the best quality juice. It extracts more nutrients than other juicers, due to its slow pressing process which helps preserve all of your nutritional value in fruits and vegetables. If you’re looking solely at yield though, it might be worth considering an NC900HDC since they can produce much larger yields with quality .

FAQ - Breville vs Omega Juicer 2023 :

Are masticating or centrifugal juicers better ?

Are masticating or centrifugal juicers better

There is no easy answer when it comes to deciding between masticating and centrifugal juicers. Both have their pros and cons, and the best option for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences .

Masticating juicers are slower but tend to extract more juice from fruits and vegetables. They are also better at preserving the nutritional value of the juice, making them a good choice for those who care about getting the most nutrients possible from their juice. However, they can take up more space in your kitchen .

Centrifugal juicers are faster but higher price than masticating juicers, but they produce less juice

Is Breville juicer masticating or centrifugal ?

Is Breville juicer masticating or centrifugal

The Breville juicer is a centrifugal juicer. Centrifugal juicers extract juice by means of a rapidly rotating disk or cone that shreds the fruit or vegetable and forces the juice out through small openings. Masticating juicers, on the other hand, crush and grind the fruit or vegetable to extract the juice .

Does Breville make a masticating juicer ?

Does Breville make a masticating juicer

Yes, Breville does make a masticating juicer. In fact, they have several different models of masticating juicers on the market. Masticating juicers are a great option for those who want to get the most nutrients possible from their juice, as they gently extract juice from fruits and vegetables. They also tend to be more affordable than centrifugal juicers .

Which brand is best for a juicer ?

Which brand is best for a juicer

It depends on your needs and budget. The most popular juicers are centrifugal juicers, which work by spinning the produce at high speed to extract the juice. They’re relatively affordable and easy to use, but they also generate a fair amount of heat and foam. If you’re looking for a quality juicer that will last for years, I recommend investing in a cold-press or masticating juicer. These juicers operate at a much slower speed, so they don’t create as much heat or foam, and they tend to be more expensive .

Is the Breville Juice Fountain Cold XL juicer dishwasher safe ?

Is the Breville Juice Fountain Cold XL juicer dishwasher safe

The Breville Juice Fountain Cold XL juicer is dishwasher safe. The juicer’s parts are top-rack dishwasher safe, but it is not for the motor base. Instead, we recommend wiping down the motor base with a damp cloth after each use .

Which is noisier, the Breville Cold XL or the Omega premium juicer and nutrition system ?

The Breville Cold XL is not only faster than the Omega NC900HDC but also noisier. With both low and high settings, this juicer can be quite loud to operate .

What kind of juicer should I use to extract juice from herbs or leafy vegetables ?

The Omega NC900HDC is a great choice for those who want to juice herbs and leafy vegetables. It features adjustable pressure settings, which ensure that these ingredients are handled delicately while also having the cold press method so they don’t get too soft or pulpy during processing .

What kind of juicing system does the Breville Cold XL use ?

The Breville Cold XL is a sophisticated, elevated juicing system that pours the juice directly to an impressive 70 fl oz jug .

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