5 Best Squarespace Alternatives For Your Business

Best Squarespace Alternatives

There are so many content management systems (CMSes) and website builders available, but it’s not easy to decide which one is the right product for your business.Squarespace is often mentioned as one of the best website builders out there. It has everything you need and more. It’s one of the top results when you do google research.
Squarespace’s website builder is great for visual-focused brands. However, it has some limitations that may be a problem if you want more control over your site’s functionality.Squarespace is a great platform for those just starting out, but there are plenty of other options if you want something more customized or simpler. Our list of the 5 Best Squarespace Alternatives For Your Business (2022) to help you compare will allow you to choose all that’s available.

  • HubSpot CMS .
  • WordPress .
  • Wix .
  • Shopify .
  • Weebly .

We will analyze deeply about them but let’s see Squarespace first. Here’s what you should know about the pros and cons before deciding on this site .

Disclaimer: Don’t forget, you may receive affiliate compensation for some of the links below at no cost to you if you decide to purchase a paid plan if they have any problems. But these are the best tools we suggest for launching and running a website.

What is Squarespace?

What is Squarespace

Squarespace is a great option for those who don’t want to dive into the technical aspects of website design. It’s easy, intuitive, and has all the features you need in one place such as hosting it, creating a domain name, and selling online.

Squarespace provides more than 100 theme choices to ensure you get the perfect look for your website. Which makes it well known to users.

With Squarespace’s website builder, you can customize your site to look like it was made by a professional designer. You won’t have any trouble creating the perfect online presence with this easy-to-use tool. The CMS is an excellent tool for building your website. It has built-in search engine optimization (SEO) features, dozens of out-of-the-box solutions, and audience insights that help you get started with marketing immediately.

With Squarespace, you can create your own blog or website with ease. The interface is intuitive and simple to use so that even those who have never designed a site before will feel easy with powerful tools. The dashboard lets you manage your publishing cadence, customize contributor settings, and track analytics.

If you have created a website on WordPress, Tumblr, or Blogger before and want to move your content into Squarespace then this is possible.

Squarespace is a great option for those who are looking to create their own site without any hassle. It’s easy enough that even someone with no technical knowledge can use it, but at the same time, you’ll have limited options if your goal was something other than just an online store or blog post builder. it’s not cheap when we compare it to other options also.

Squarespace has many great features that make designing your site easy. However, there are some things about the platform I think could be improved upon to give you a better user experience while using it as well.

Squarespace Pros:

below are highlight features of Squarespace:

  •         Professionally designed templates: Squarespace’s templates are so stylish, that your website will look polished and mobile-ready.
  •         Built for blogging: Squarespace has everything you need to design and manage your blog, including tools that can help with podcasting.
  •         No coding experience required: With a built-in drag and drop website designer, it is easy to customize the look of your site.
  •         Year-round customer support: Squarespace’s 24/7 support is there for you when the going gets tough.
  •         Included SSL certificate.

Squarespace Cons:

Squarespace is not perfect. It’s got its drawbacks, just like any other website builder on this list.

take a look at its disadvantages:

  •         Higher cost: You can get started with a basic plan for $16 or you must invest in the business tier at 26 dollars per month to enjoy all premium features.
  •         Limited extensions: You can purchase extensions for Squarespace, but they are not as diverse or abundant when compared to other website building platforms. they are built to focus on e-commerce.
  •         No backup or restore options: With this CMS, you can only export data manually and have to rely on Squarespace if your website goes down.
  •         Restrictive templates: Squarespace offers a great front-end editor with a drag-and-drop builder, but the back end of it is more difficult to work with than other CMS options.

What Are the Best Squarespace Alternatives?

Squarespace is an amazing website builder, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best choice for your business. There are plenty of competing sites out there, it’s not important what kind of business you are. To find the best investment for your needs, we’ve listed some of the user’s favorites below .

HubSpot CMS

HubSpot is known for its robust Squarespace alternatives. It’s an integrated, cloud-based content management system that has everything you need to create and manage your website or blog from one place. With this WordPress-based website builder, you can get a professional-looking site with some friendly functions that help to build your web.

HubSpot’s content management system (CMS) lets you customize your website with a drag-and-drop editor, includes hosting services for no additional cost, and enables easy website management. HubSpot CMS allows you to create beautiful websites, blogs, and online stores with a seamless experience such as Squarespace.

In addition, with WordPress, you have to sift through an overwhelming amount of premium plugins in order for basic functionality like posting on your blog or website. HubSpot’s CMS offers many of the features you would need to create your website, with a few handy tools that can equal Squarespace’s tools.

Take a look:

  •         Built-in security features
  •         Built-in SEO optimization
  •         Adaptive testing
  •         Native personalization and a/b testing tools
  •         Mobile-optimized themes
  •         Multi-language content manager

HubSpot CMS is built on top of the Hubspot platform, which uniquely positions it to offer a host of powerful features and capabilities. HubSpot has combined the functions of sales and marketing into one system, which is why it’s so effective at converting leads.

HubSpot CMS is a more complex and expensive tool than Squarespace, while it also comes with a higher price tag. If you’re looking for something simple and easy to use, this website builder might not be the best option.

CMS Hub Pros:

  •         Sales and marketing integration
  •         Multi-lingual support
  •         Built-in security measures

CMS Hub Cons:

  •         Higher cost
  •         Limited themes and plugins

Best Squarespace Alternative For: Marketers, content developers, and internet technology teams will benefit from this new way of marketing.

Price: they offer a range of prices to suit your needs but it’s quite expensive. You can get started at $300 per month for professionals and enterprise-level starts around the 900 dollar mark.


Wix is the perfect website builder for those who are looking to have an easy and affordable experience. It offers hosting, mobile optimization services as well hundreds of free apps with premium features such as SEO tools which make it a one-stop-shop for your needs.

Wix is a great option if you want something that’s very similar to the look and feel of Squarespace. It’s also easy enough for beginners. Website building is more accessible with Wix. Unlike WordPress, you don’t need any coding knowledge to use this platform because it has its own drag-and-drop builder which makes setting up your website very simple and straightforward.

Wix has to create two versions of your website to be mobile-friendly. Squarespace’s templates are fully responsive, so they already have the features you need for a great user experience on small screens such as smartphones and tablets alike.

Wix offers a free version and premium plans to suit your needs.

Wix Pros:

  •         Beginner-friendly
  •         Basic SEO features
  •         Good selection of themes and apps
  •         Automatic backups

Wix Cons:

  •         Limited sub-levels for navigation
  •         A free website builder is ad-supported
  •         Can’t easily switch templates

Best Squarespace Alternative For: Bloggers, small businesses, startups, creatives, freelancers .

Pricing: the basic package is $13 per month, and the enterprise package is $500 per month .

It’s no surprise that WordPress powers occupy 1/3 of the web world. With its ease and flexibility for customization, it has become a popular choice as an online platform to create your own website or blog on.

WordPress is a popular content management system that you can use to create your website. This means it doesn’t come pre-installed on the same host as Squarespace does, but rather needs access from third-party hosts like Godaddy or Hostgator for hosting purposes.

With WordPress, you have a lot more freedom when it comes to what kind of website design and functionality is added to your site. Squarespace gives users less control over their destiny than does the most popular software used for creating websites today, WordPress. It offers a variety of pricing options for different accounts.

Many users think outsourcing to base their web hosting is a disadvantage, while others think it’s a plus point of flexibility. WordPress offers an endless variety of plugins for CRM, email, live chat, and theme options. Its highly customizable nature makes it the perfect platform to build your web business even with the free price tag.

It is important to understand that you will need a hosting provider and optional premium add-ons for your website.

To make the most out of this content management system, you should have some basic knowledge about HTML and CSS. You will also need to keep up with any backend updates or security issues that arise because they are your responsibility as well, so it’s different from Wix or Squarespace. This can make it difficult for beginners who are just starting out in the world of WordPress.

WordPress Pros:

  •         Thousands of plugins and add-ons
  •         E-commerce features via WooCommerce
  •         Full website control

WordPress Cons:

  •         Self-managed
  •         Prone to security attacks because of popularity
  •         Requires working knowledge of coding

Best Squarespace Alternative For: Bloggers, e-commerce, news, large businesses.

Pricing: Free, but you’d better pay for hosting costs and the cost of any premium add-ons to own the best platform .


Shopify is a great solution for those who want an online store without the hassles of managing everything themselves. The hosted platform provides service for over one million companies across the globe and allows you to sell physical goods or digital products with just a few clicks.

Shopify’s user interface is more intuitive and easier to navigate than Squarespace. It also has an excellent drag-and-drop builder that makes it perfect for beginners while Squarespace and Shopify provide a managed platform experience that allows you to take the guesswork out of launching your website for those who don’t have any knowledge about coding, while also limiting customization options to make your work easier.

Shopify is the perfect platform for e-commerce stores that need checkout functionality, while Squarespace works well if you’re looking to start your own small business with no plans of expanding into online shopping.

Shopify Payments lets you accept credit cards without any extra fees. Not only is this feature fully PCI compliant, but it also includes 3D Secure checkout so your customers can feel safe about their data being submitted for any purchase .

The Shopify ecosystem provides a great benefit but it makes hiring more difficult for developers. With so many CMS platforms, finding someone with the right expertise can be challenging and may take up time. Luckily, Shopify has an active developer community that specializes in building custom applications for the Shopify platform to support businesses.

Some other key features of Shopify include:

  •         its flexible platform to make a Responsive website for mobile
  •         Built-in SEO functionality to boost website rank
  •         Multiple currency enablement to accept local forms of payment
  •         Thousands of apps provide plenty of shipping form
  •         Comprehensive support is offered 24/7

The more expensive Shopify platform might be a drawback when we compare it to Wix or Squarespace.

Shopify Pros:

  •         Secure payment and checkout
  •         Drag-and-drop website builder
  •         Simplified shipping methods

Shopify Cons:

  •         Higher cost
  •         External payment transaction fees
  •         Limited customization

Best Squarespace Alternative For: E-commerce, bloggers, brick-and-mortar stores, small businesses .

Pricing: the basic option is $29 per month,  the mid-package at $79 a month, and $299 a month for the most advanced package .

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use website builder that will help turn your ideas into reality with minimal technical knowledge then it’s yours. With responsive themes and drag and drop builders, this makes your work easier. The platform provides all the technical for your needs so you don’t have to worry about hosting or connecting your domain name.

Although it may not have as many templates or offerings compared to Wix and Squarespace, this website builder is better for larger sites.

what’s the reason?

With Weebly, you can create unlimited sub-levels for navigation and use mobile-optimized themes. It also has more apps available than both Wix and Squarespace so it’s easier to find what you’re looking for. but Shopify offers a more robust range of features for building an online store than Weebly.

Lastly, Weebly offers a range of plans with different features to meet the needs and budget whether it’s a free or premium package.

For example:

  •         Secure sockets layer (SSL) security
  •         SEO
  •         Lead capture
  •         Technical support

Explore the world of websites with Weebly, a simple and easy website builder that offers great features without sacrificing quality. If you are looking for an attractive yet functional site to showcase your work or business in style then this platform is perfect.

Weebly Pros:

  •         Responsive themes
  •         More affordable
  •         Easy website building
  •         Shopping cart functionality

Weebly Cons:

  •         No self-restore option
  •         Limited e-commerce support
  •         A free plan is ad-supported

Best Squarespace Alternative For: Beginners, bloggers, freelancers, small businesses, and larger websites.

Pricing: at $6 per month you can start with a basic package and  $26 per month with the Performance choice.

Is there anything better than Squarespace?

Yes, there are five web builder platforms available above that provide good choices for you as alternatives. It depends on your needs or demands .


If you’re still on the fence about whether or not Squarespace is the right platform for your business, then check out some of these top alternatives. Each of these web builders has unique features and capabilities that may be a better fit for your specific needs. So before you make a final decision, be sure to explore all of your options .

FAQ- Best Squarespace Alternatives 2022:

What is the number 1 website builder ?

There is no one “number 1” website builder. Different builders may be better for different people, depending on their needs and preferences. Some popular website builders include Wix, Squarespace, and WordPress.com .

Is Squarespace better than making your own website?

It depends on your needs. Squarespace is a great platform for people who want to create a simple website without too much fuss. But if you need more customization or features, then you might be better off building your own website from scratch .

Which is better for business Wix or Squarespace ?

There is no simple answer to this question as it depends on your specific needs and preferences. each has its own pros .

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