Best Snowmobile Jackets

Best snowmobile jackets

The best snowmobile jackets are not only warm and weatherproof, but they are also stylish and comfortable. Whether you are looking for a jacket to keep you warm on your next winter excursion or you just need something to wear to the bar, there is a perfect snowmobile jacket for you. We have put together a list of the ten best jackets on the market so that you can find the one that is right for you. Read on to learn more.

The factors to consider when choosing the best snowmobile jackets

When it comes to snowmobiling, having the right gear is essential for a safe and enjoyable experience. One of the most important pieces of gear for any snowmobiler is a good-quality jacket. A snowmobile jacket needs to be warm, waterproof, and durable enough to withstand the rigors of riding in tough conditions. With so many different jackets on the market, it can be hard to know which one is right for you. Here are a few things to consider when choosing the best snowmobile jacket for your needs.

First, you need to think about what kind of weather conditions you’ll be riding in most often. If you live in an area that gets a lot of snow, you’ll need a jacket that’s designed to keep you warm in cold temperatures. If you ride in milder climates, you can get away with a lighter-weight jacket.

Next, you need to consider the features you want in a snowmobile jacket. Do you need a lot of pockets for storing gear? Do you need a built-in hood or other thermal protection? Make a list of the features you can’t live without in a snowmobile jacket.

Finally, you need to think about your budget. Snowmobile jackets can range in price from a few hundred dollars to over a thousand dollars. It’s important to find a jacket that fits your needs and budget.

By considering these factors, you can narrow down your choices and find the best snowmobile jacket for your needs. With the right jacket, you’ll be able to enjoy your rides no matter what the weather conditions are like.

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1.509 Forge Jacket

Best for: Overall

Key features: Comfortable, DWR treatment, wrist gaiters, snow skirt, breathable.

Materials: 5TECH, 150D Polyester

Insulation: Not-insulated

Fit: Regular

The 509 Forge Jacket is at the top of this list because it’s a perfect blend between weatherproofing, comfortability, and design. This jacket goes with any adventure that you have while still being able to provide you protection from Mother Nature during her chilly moods.

This jacket is not insulated, so if you want something that’s warmer than this one I would recommend checking out the other products.

The Forge’s durable 5TECH material and DWR coating make it a great choice for active lifestyles. The 150D polyester is also on board, ensuring that you stay dry no matter what Mother Nature throws at you.

The breathable design of this jacket makes it perfect for any activity. You will hardly notice that you are wearing it, and your movement is not at all hindered.

The water-resistant zippers and hood allow for extra protection in cold weather, which is perfect because it’s not insulated. This means riders can wear their jackets with anything from work clothes to jeans on the bike without worrying about getting too chilly.

Take this jacket from Forge. It will keep you warm and toasty in any weather condition with its high-quality materials that are designed for performance, not just fashion.

2.RefrigiWear Extreme Softshell Insulated Jacket, -60°F Comfort Rating

Best for: Extreme Cold

Key features: Cold rated to -60F, water-repellent, breathable, micro-fleece inner liner, silver twill reflective liner, extended sleeves

Materials: Nylon, micro-fleece

Insulation: RefrigiFill

Fit: Big

The RefrigiWear jacket is designed with you in mind. It’s tough enough for any riding conditions and can withstand temperatures that would make most people think twice about taking their snowmobile out on these frost-bitten days.

This jacket will keep you warm and dry when the temperature drops below freezing. It’s a great option for anyone who rides their snowmobile at night or in areas where it often gets really cold, like Alaska.

The impressive warmth of the RefrigiFill insulation is due to its thick layer, which helps you stay comfortable and dry. There’s also an exterior softshell construction that lets sweat evaporate so your clothes don’t get wet from the inside out.

The micro-fleece inner liner will keep you warm as the temperature drops. It works with a silver twill reflective lining that helps trap body heat, providing additional warmth when it’s cold outside.

With extended sleeves, you can keep warm without having drafts creeping in. The glove loops and clips ensure that this doesn’t happen while the front zippers allow for some customizable heat regulation.

Heavy insulation can make this jacket feel like you’re wearing a marshmallow at times. If that’s what warmth sounds like then go for it, but otherwise, keep in mind how uncomfortable heavy clothes are on most people.

3.Castle X Men's Platform Jacket in Black Size Large

Best for: Budget Pick

Key features: Affordable, durable, DWR coating, double-stitched seams, fleece-lined collar, adjustable cuffs

Materials: Polyester, nylon

Insulation: ColdShield 200 grams

Fit: DropBack/long

For the best snowmobile jacket, you can buy for its price, it’s hard to beat Castle X. This excellent garment offers comfort and protection in cold weather without breaking your bank account.

If you’re looking for top-of-the-line snowmobile gear, then it’s clear that your budget will have some pretty high demands. But Castle X is here to deliver stand-out quality at a more budget-friendly price point which makes them appreciated by everyone.

The exterior of the product is made from a durable polyester and nylon material that provides greater resistance to snow or cold.

The durability of these shells is enhanced by a PU coating and a DWR treatment, giving you the perfect balance between water resistance and windproofing.

The jacket has insulation of 200g in the body and 150 grams for each arm. This means that you will be warm where it matters most when needed.

These parkas are perfect for those cold days with riding adventures. They have double stitching, a fleece-lined collar, and adjustable Velcro cuffs to ensure your safety in harsh weather conditions.

The Platform is a durable and well-built jacket that offers great value. The only complaints we have about it are the lack of pockets for storage, as well as how the dropback design can get in your way if you don’t choose wisely when purchasing online or at store pickup time.

4.Flylow Men's Quantum Pro Jacket Ski and Snowboard Coat

Best for: Multi-Use

Key features: Versatile, comfortable, excellent weatherproofing, breathable, stretch fabrics, eight pockets, durable

Materials: Intuitive Oxford Membrane, Polyester

Insulation: None

Fit: Long

This may be one of your favorite jackets ever, because not only does it look good enough to wear while snowmobiling but also skiing.

The Flylow Quantum is a jacket that can be used for any winter sport and it’s the best option if you want to do more than just ski.

The jacket is built as a ski, but it will provide you with everything from your sled. The intuitive oxford membrane and polyester face fabric combine to offer extreme waterproofing that makes this wind-resistant and waterproofing too.

These materials are by design highly durable for heavy use, but my favorite aspect of the design is that they’re intentionally stretchy which allows them to move with you and provide increased comfort.

If you want to stay warm and comfortable during the winter, but still need something that’s durable enough for rugged use every day of your life- this jacket is perfect. It’ll last longer than any other piece in your wardrobe.

The durable and spacious pockets on this bag will give you enough room for any extra gear, snacks, or whatever else your outdoor adventures may need.

Whether you’re an experienced rider or just getting started, this jacket is worth every penny. It will keep your core warm and dry no matter how cold it gets outside. the only downside is price, it’s at a high cost.

5.Klim Alpine Parka Women's Ski Snowmobile Jacket - Black/X-Small

Best for: Women

Key features: Comfortable, excellent weatherproofing, seat-dry tech, YKK zippers, fleece-lined collar, removable powder skirt, velcro cuffs

Materials: 2-layer GORE-TEX

Insulation: Shell

Fit: Long

The Klim Alpine Parka is the perfect snowmobile jacket for women. Not only does it have some impressive features, but also has a great design that makes this garment ideal to wear while riding your favorite machine through frozen trails.

The jacket is designed with an improved length and fit that provides extra cold weather protection, while still being comfortable. The waist adjustment offers you the option to dial in your desired style on every ride.

The durable 2-layer GORE-TEX shell of this jacket ensures that you stay protected from inclement weather, water damage, and wind. A nylon inner layer is surrounded by YKK zippers for reinforcement.

The breathable mesh-backed pit vents give you customizable warmth and allow airflow when the temperature is warmer. You can quickly zip them back up for added protection from cold drafts.

The jacket is full of features and comes in various colors, making it the perfect winter coat. There are several pockets for storage as well as an interior MP3 player pocket.

This option is an uninsulated jacket, so you’ll need to be careful about how much insulation it has. It can also get expensive when compared with other options on the market today.

6.KLIM Powerxross Snowmobile Jacket Men's Extra Small Asphalt

Best for: Snowcross

Key features: Lightweight, comfortable, durable, adequate weather protection, moisture-wicking liner, YKK zippers

Materials: Performance GORE-TEX


Fit: Regular

The Klim Powerxross is a lightweight, but still water-resistant and windproof snocross jacket. It has an awesome design that will keep you warm as you turn up the throttle.

The GORE-TEX performance shell does an excellent job at making this jacket fully waterproof, while also keeping you dry in the wind. It has a moisture-wicking inner liner that will help eliminate sweat from building up as soon as the ride begins.

The lightweight, breathable design of this jacket helps you to shed ounces and increase speed. A 3M Scotchlite C790 reflective layer ups safety concerns while also making sure that it is easily visible in low-light conditions or at night time.

If you want to be ready for Race Day, this jacket is your best bet. The durable fabric and water-resistant zippers will keep surviving any storm or disaster that comes along.


It is important to keep in mind that not all snowmobile jackets are created equal. While a particular jacket may be a great fit for one person, it may not work as well for another. When shopping for the best snowmobile jacket, it is important to consider factors such as insulation, weather protection, and comfort. With so many different options on the market, finding the right jacket can seem daunting at first. However, by taking the time to do some research and ask questions, you can find the perfect jacket to keep you safe and comfortable while riding your snowmobile this winter.

FAQs - best snowmobile jackets

Are snowmobile jackets warm?

Snowmobile jackets are warm because they are made of thick, insulating materials like fleece or wool. They also typically have a waterproof outer shell to keep you dry in wet weather. Additionally, many snowmobile jackets come with features like a fur-lined hood or adjustable cuffs that help keep you warm and snug on cold days.

Is Klim snowmobile gear worth the money?

Klim gear is some of the best snowmobile gear on the market. It’s worth the money because it will keep you warm and dry while you’re out riding.

Klim makes a variety of different types of gear, from jackets and pants to gloves and hats. They also have a line of kids’ gear, so your whole family can stay warm and safe on the slopes.

What is the warmest Klim snowmobile jacket?

The warmest Klim snowmobile jacket would be the Klim Dakar Parka. This jacket is designed with an optimum warmth-to-weight ratio, and it features insulation that will keep you warm in low temperatures. It’s also highly durable and waterproof, making it perfect for extreme conditions.

What makes a snowmobile jacket different?

Snowmobile jackets are designed to provide insulation and protection from the weather. They are usually made of waterproof and breathable fabric and have a trimmed hood to help keep you warm and dry. They also typically have zippered pockets and a drawstring waist for a snug fit.

Some snowmobile jackets also come with built-in elbow and shoulder pads for added protection from falls. And, finally, they are often brightly colored so that you can be seen in low-light conditions.

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