Best Lawn Mowers for Large Gardens UK

Best Lawn Mowers for Large Gardens UK

Do you have a large garden that needs mowing? If so, you’re probably on the lookout for the best lawn mower for the job. There are many different models available, so it can be tricky to decide which one is right for you. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the 5 Best Lawn Mowers for Large Gardens UK 2023, based on expert reviews. Keep reading to find out more.

What factors to choose a large lawn mower?

There are a few factors to consider when purchasing a large lawn mower.

The size of the lawn mower: The size of the lawn mower is important because you need to be able to maneuver it around your garden easily. If you have a large garden, then you will need a larger lawn mower.

Type of mower: The type of engine is also important, petrol engines are more powerful than electric ones, so they can handle longer grass and tougher terrain. However, they are also more expensive to run and maintain. Electric lawn mowers are cheaper to run, but they may not be powerful enough for some gardens. If you have a small garden, then an electric lawn mower should be fine. However, if you have a large garden, then you might need a petrol engine.

Ease of usage: The ease of operation is another important factor to consider. If you are not mechanically minded, then you might want to choose a lawn mower that is easy to operate. Some lawn mowers have self-propelled features, which make them easier to push around the garden. However, these can be more expensive than manual lawn mowers.

Price: Finally, you need to decide how much you are willing to spend on a lawn mower. Lawn mowers range in price from a few hundred pounds to several thousand pounds. If you have a large garden, then you might need to spend more on a lawn mower. However, if you have a small garden, then you could probably get away with spending less.

When choosing a lawn mower, it is important to consider all of these factors. size, type of engine, ease of operation, and price. By considering all of these factors, you should be able to find the perfect lawn mower for your garden.

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Top 5 Best Lawn Mowers for Large Gardens Uk

1.Top Choice – Hayter Harrier 48

Brand: Hayter Harrier

Cutting Width: 48cm

Power: 163cc Petrol Engine

Grass Collector Size: 70L

Cutting Height Options: 13-60mm


·         Large cutting width for a faster finish

·         Sturdy Briggs and Straton engine

·         Electric start so no pull cord

·         Large grass container for fewer trips to the bin


·         Pricey

·         Quite heavy

With its 48cm cutting width, this Hayter Harrier can handle smaller lawns with ease whilst still coping well on large surfaces. The powerful 163cc engine means it will work in all conditions and provide you assistance when needed.

The 70-liter grass box means you can easily collect more than enough for your whole lawn without having to empty it often. With the rear roller and powerful motors, this mower leaves a professional finish with a perfect striped lawn.

The cutting deck of this mower is made of corrosion-resistant aluminum, it’s easy to clean due to a hose attachment and the flow rate automatically adjusts itself for optimum airflow. This allows you to cut long or short grass with equal efficiency.

The powerful electric start means no more struggling with a pull cord. The variable speed settings allow for easy operation and make this mower perfect for anyone to use.

The lawnmower is so powerful and has a ton of features that it would take me hours just to list them all. The only downside, which may be an issue for some people with tight budgets or who are looking at cheaper models, resides in the price tag, however, this product offers exceptional quality despite its cost.

These mowers are built to last and will help you cut your grass with less hassle. You get back way more than what was paid for, as it comes equipped with a lifetime crankshaft and cutter deck warranty.

2.Runner Up – Bosch Rotak Advanced 650 Corded Electric Mower

Brand: Bosch

Cutting Width: 40cm

Power: 1700 watts

Grass Collector Size: 50L

Cutting Height Options: 25-80mm


·         Lightweight

·         No need for pricey fuel

·         Good cutting width


·         It will likely require an extension cable

·         Doesn’t feel as sturdy

For those who can’t stand the smell of petrol engines and want something that’s easier on their sensitive noses, this Bosch Rotak push mower is a great option. It won’t handle large gardens but up to 650 square meters it’ll be able enough.

The lightweight design makes it easy to push, weighing only 16kg. With an ergonomic handle that offers height adjustment options, this mower is very pleasant and comfortable for anyone who uses them.

The best lawn mower for trimming your grass without the hassle is here. This ergonomic design features 7 height options between 25 and 80mm, so you’ll always have a perfect cut. It’s fitted with the rear roller that stripes beautifully despite any season.

The 10-meter cord length is not enough to cover larger areas with this option. You will need an extension cable if you have a large lawn and want more mobility.

If you’re struggling to push a heavy lawnmower up your yard’s incline, then this may be the perfect budget option for you.

3.Best Robot Lawnmower Option – Husqvarna Automower 450X

Brand: Husqvarna

Cutting Width: 24cm

Power: Li Battery Robot Mower

Grass Collector Size: Self Mulching

Cutting Height Options: 20-60mm


·         Covers up to 5000sq meters

·         Including uneven lawns

·         GPS tracks your garden

·         260-minute run time


·         Very pricey

·         Sometimes sold out

The latest trend in lawn care is the robot mower. For those who can’t be bothered to cut their own grass, this sleek device does all of that work for you. With a maximum cutting area size of 5000 sq meters and 45% slope capability it’s perfect no matter how big or small your yard may seem.

The mower is like a workhorse. It can cut grass for 260 minutes before it needs to charge, which takes 75 mins for a charge. But don’t worry – once you’ve got everything set up and installed correctly ( boundary wire + an accessible charging station), this one-off task will be done with no effort on your part.

When you need a reliable lawnmower that can handle any terrain, this is a perfect choice. Not only does it have an advanced GPS to help guide your cutting effort but also comes with a smartphone app for monitoring its progress on the go. it’s built-in a rain sensor and weatherproof so you can keep your mind in peace.

With the tilt and lift sensors, you can rest assured that its blades will stop turning if it’s lifted up. This prevents injury from occurring while using this tool.

The mower is expensive but it has the ability to cut through large gardens and intricate terrain with ease. Additionally, you won’t have any need for maintenance as this product automatically mulches its grass so there’s no need in cleaning up after a cut.

4.Best Electric Lawnmower – Einhell GE-CM 43 Cordless Mower

Brand: Einhell

Cutting Width: 43cm

Power: 36V Of Lithium Batteries

Grass Collector Size: 63L

Cutting Height Options: 6 Levels


·         LED lights indicate charge

·         Lightweight

·         Cordless for further-reaching

·         Cuts 600sqm per charge


·         Doesn’t do well with wet grass

·         Works a little better for medium lawns

·         Need to remember to charge batteries

Cordless lawn mowers are the best for small gardens, but there is a mower out on the market which can be used in larger areas as well. This lithium-ion-powered machine has great build quality and is one of the most popular cordless pushin’ around these days.

The 43cm cutting width and large grass collector mean this cordless model can handle larger yards with ease. It has two 4Ah batteries that give you 600 sq meters of mowing per charge, but don’t worry about taking breaks because it only takes 80 minutes to re-charge.

This electric lawnmower is lightweight and has large wheels that are soft on your grass. The batteries have 3 LED lights which indicate charge level so you know when it’s time to recharge them.

This electric lawnmower is a great option for those who have medium sized yards as it can cover most areas without needing too much time. It does come with some downsides though, such as not having the same runtime range as gas-powered models do, due to motors running at higher speeds if it has to solve a very thick and long lawn.

5.Hyundai HYM510SPE

Brand: Hyundai

Cutting Width: 51cm

Power: 196cc Petrol Engine

Grass Collector Size: 70L

Cutting Height Options: 25-75mm

This self-propelled lawnmower by Hyundai is the perfect way to cut your grass without any of that pesky maintenance. You can choose from four speeds and its rear-wheel drive, so you’ll be able to maximize every minute on every time you cut. It’s an electric mower so it does not generate emissions.

This awesome 51cm blade is perfect for medium to large lawns (2000 sq meters and above) with its simple lever that adjusts between 25mm-75 mm. It also has a safety feature where the engine will automatically cut out when you let go of the handle, so it’s safe while working.

it is designed with a rear discharge, side discharges, or mulch. The 70-liter grass collector can be set, The large capacity means that you don’t have to waste time emptying it often.

The 43kg weight may be a problem for some people but the quality of this product makes up for it. With its solid steel deck and 3-year warranty, there are no reasons why you shouldn’t buy one.


 The best lawn mowers for large gardens in the UK are those that can handle a lot of grass at once. If you have a large garden, it’s important to choose a mower that is up for the task. We’ve compiled a list of the five best lawn mowers for large gardens in the UK for 2023 based on performance and customer satisfaction. -Each of these lawn mowers has been tried and tested by homeowners with large yards, so you can be sure they will get the job done. make sure you read all of them to consider the best one for your garden.

FAQs - Best Lawn Mowers for Large Gardens UK 2023 :

Which lawn mower is best for an uneven garden?

When it comes to comparison, a  rotary mower is going to be better for navigating uneven ground than one that uses rear rollers.

What is the widest lawn mower?

The Hyundai HYM510SPE is the lawnmower with the largest cutting width on our list at 51cm.

What is the easiest lawn mower to use?

Cordless electric mowers are simple to use and offer a high level of control. Battery-powered or robotic lawn machines can be very user-friendly, while those that run on fuel may require some knowledge about how they work in order for you to enjoy them to their full potential.

Which lawn mower engine is better Briggs & Stratton or Honda?

Honda engines are world-renowned for their quality and durability. They can be found in some of the most expensive lawnmowers, but also offer great value when it comes to maintenance costs because they’re so easy on your wallet. Briggs and Stratton engines are cheaper than Honda, you can have a long period of time if you maintain them often.

What size lawn mower do I need per acre of lawn?

You should only use a mower with the smallest possible deck size if you have less than half an acre to cut. For larger spaces, 50cm+ decks are recommended as they will make cutting easier and reduce wear on your machine.


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