7 Best AI Investing Software and Apps

Best AI Investing Software and Apps

Artificial intelligence is changing the way people invest their money. Investment apps and software are quickly becoming powerful tools for increasing your potential income. today we will talk about 7 Best AI Investing Software and Apps of 2022.

When used together with software like crypto portfolio trackers, these specialized tools allow you to understand the best way for your investment strategy to be diversified.

You can invest in both traditional items as well new ones, which will give you an edge. There are a number of different assets that you could invest in, including NFT stocks and virtual real estate.

There are a number of factors to consider when opting for an artificial intelligence program. You should do your research and find the one that best suits what you need from it.

The more we understand the AI system, the better. That’s why it’s important to be aware of when you need human input and how much guidance or control machines can provide in order for you to not make mistakes with your investments.

In a market where corporations invested up to billions of dollars in this industry, it is important not to miss out on what’s happening. The concept of peer-to-peer lending sites for retail investors is becoming reality and it’s important to understand both current trends, as well as future ones.

In this article, I rank and review the best AI investment apps and software on the market. The information about these helpful tools has been included so that you can make an informed decision when deciding which one is best for your needs. Now it’s time to see them in detail.

What are the Best AI Investing Software and Apps?

These are some of the best AI investment software and apps available today.

Best for having an AI tool that also teaches you how to trade.

Trade ideas is a program that takes advantage of Artificial Intelligence in order to teach you how to trade and invest.

Trade Ideas offers an advanced simulated trading platform that will help you to better understand the nuances of stock market investing and stocks.

The Holly AI software can be used by beginners to enter the market without taking any real money. This way, they will have a chance at learning how trading works and dampen down their risk even more than before while gaining a foothold.

With this brokerage account, you can trade stocks and options without paying any commission fees to eTRADE via “Brokerage Plus”.

With the $0 commission trade, you can take advantage of this platform’s brokerage account and connect directly to your eTRADE credentials.

With the latest in artificial intelligence, you can automate your trading strategies and get a return on investment.

More than just an average trading option, this software offers possibly the most versatile and modern features that you will find on any market today.

Key Features:

  •         Trade uses a range of powerful trading tools to make informed decisions on when and how you trade. Automate your trades so they happen at just the right time, or completely manage it all with Trade Ideas’ brokerage plus platform.
  •         The services at Trade Ideas are more than just a newsletter. The staff of experts offers you five fresh trade ideas about stocks that will help with your portfolio every week.
  •         If you’re looking for a safer way to test out your strategies, Trade Ideas offers the simulated trading feature. You can use play money and practice all of those great ideas without any financial risk involved.


The two different pricing plans ensure that you have flexibility in choosing what features to use and how they can be utilized.

  •         Standard: $999 per year
  •         Premium: $1999 per year

You’ll save an amount when you sign up for the annual plan. You can get $468 in your pocket at year’s end when we compare it to the monthly plan.

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Best for developing a technical investment strategy that works.

TrendSpider is a great choice for traders who are looking to automate their strategies. The software can help you build and test custom trading algo with ease, making it easier than ever before.

With this tool, you can make smarter and more efficient trading choices using advanced machine learning. In addition to that, it also provides specific automation when the tools function according to your needs.

With this platform, you can develop and optimize your own technical strategies without human supervision because there’s no limit on how many markets or securities are traded.

You can improve your trading by removing any bias and increasing your win rate, which could lead you to additional profits.

Key Features:

  •         Automate your trading strategies with TrendSpider’s automated software and explore the equity market in an entirely new way.
  •         With the latest version of Trend spiders’ charting AI systems, finding winning setups is easier than ever before.
  •         TrendSpider is the perfect choice for people who want to build and test trading strategies without limitations. It allows you to program your own rules so that during a trade process there will be no human error whatsoever.
  •         Time your trades with accurate precision based on your system’s performance or market values.


Trendspider provides three different pricing plans for users including:

  •         Premium: $440 per year
  •         Elite: $870 per year
  •         Advanced: $1310 per year

you will get two months free if you choose an annual package.

3. Black Box Stocks.

Best for getting pre-market alerts before the stock market opens.

With the Black Box Stocks trading software, you can enter your own symbol and run a screener based on predefined criteria. The simple interface makes it easy to find exactly what kind of stocks suit you best.

Black Box Stocks is a great trading system that not only finds you the best opportunities in real-time but also gives alerts so your exploration can be seamless and simple.

Let Black Box Stocks help you stay on top of your portfolio with their special algorithms.

With the help of the automated trading system, you can quickly and easily buy or sell stocks at any time.

Black Box Stocks uses real-time alerts to find the best opportunities out there. With over 8,000 stocks and 90 thousand options analyzed.

Key Features:

  •         Now you can scan for specific symbols and be alerted when they appear, giving your trading day an edge.
  •         The power of Black Box Stocks is that it offers real-time quotes for options, day trading, and even swing trading. With access to all these features, you can be sure your investment strategy will never go unnoticed.
  •         Learn how professional traders trade so you can be the next one to make money.
  •         With the BlackBox Post-Market Stock Scanner, you can watch stocks closely and observe their movement. The top forty with the most significant price hikes or decreases after market close are revealed to us by this great tool.


  •         Black Box Stocks offers a 5-day free trial waitlist, which you can get on by filling in the requested information online.
  •         You can get started immediately at just $79.97 for the first month.


Best for having a cryptocurrency AI bot performing your trades.

Zignaly is a bot that will trade for you, only when the bots make a profit. It has many appealing features to offer.

It’s hard to believe how easy and intuitive the trading bot is. There are many different features that make this a great option for traders of all experience levels.

Zignaly makes it easy for you to invest in trades that could be worth your time and energy because it focuses on the bigger picture.

Imagine a future where you can connect your favorite exchanges and let the bot do its work for you. With Zignaly, this dream is now possible. When you connect your account to Zignally, it will allow the bot in their platform to do all of this heavy lifting for you.

Choose the mode in which you want your bot to work so that it can give optimal returns. From semi-automated or 100% delegated, all of your tradings are performance-based from the beginning until the end.

Key Features:

  •         Zignaly is a professional cryptocurrency trading platform that lets you follow other traders to get the same results as them. There are no complex learning curves or strategies, so it’s easy for beginners.
  •         With Zignaly, you can trade on the exchange of your choice directly through their platform or allow them to do it for you.
  •         Check out your cryptocurrency portfolio from one easy-to-navigate dashboard. You can see how much money you’ve made in the crypto portfolio tracker of your choice from one dashboard
  •         By incorporating a performance-based model and high watermark feature into copy trading functionality, Zignaly enhances all procedures using one single position for both traders and investors
  •         The platform can replicate trading activity proportionally based on your desired total balance.


  •         Zignaly is an innovative copy trading platform that offers performance-based trading.
  •         The great thing about them is that there’s no fee, but you have to pay for whatever exchange that you do.


Best for getting signals for both swing and day stock trading.

Tickeron’s signals will help you make smarter trades. The platform can give insights into day trading stocks, cryptocurrencies, or even forex markets and it does this with one simple interface.

Tickeron is a company that provides AI-powered services to help traders enter and exit trades with greater precision. The system can scan hundreds of cryptocurrencies in minutes, which would be too much work for humans but not anymore.

Tickeron understands that successful traders take advantage of trends. To help you do so, they’ve developed an artificial intelligence system that can spot these patterns and understand how well past performance will lead to future success in your trading account.

The most comprehensive data sets are used to help predict future performance.

Key Features:

  •         The platform is constantly analyzing the market to find signals that will help you make money. It does this by comparing your historical trades with the stocks’ historical data points and sending out accurate information only when it can deliver accurate results.
  •         Tickeron’s Real-time Patterns feed (RTP) scours hundreds of cryptocurrencies every minute in search of patterns.
  •         Tickeron helps you trade with a high degree of precision by giving traders data for both bullish and bearish patterns.
  •         With a wealth of information at your fingertips about crypto, stocks, and forex, you’ll always be able to take advantage when it comes time for trading.


Tickeron offers a variety of membership plans to suit your needs. The free version is only the beginning, with more premium options available for those who need them.

  •         Swing Trader: $60 per month.
  •         Day Trader: $50 per month.
  •         Investor: $100 per month.
  •         Advisor: $50 per month,


Best for performing machine learning investments.

Kavout provides you with all the information needed for sound financial decision-making. The system uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to find the best stocks for you.

With the trading signals and equity factors that have been proven to work, you can make more informed trades. These factors and signals have been analyzed by machine intelligence which indicates they’re likely to be profitable.

Kavout is the leading finance and data science company, with a team of experts who help organizations make better decisions. Their team members have worked for companies such as Microsoft, Google, and Thompson Reuters making them experts in their field.

You can rest assured that the signals you receive from these experts are top-quality and scientifically backed.

Key Features:

  •         Kavout offers a way to access stocks and other financial markets with unique instruments that can be easier for investors.
  •         You’ll get a fully customized portfolio from each of the stocks and sectors you trade-in. You can also create your own strategies to suit any investment needs, all while being able to observe how it affects what’s happening with Kavout’s automated trading software.
  •         The research it provides you increases your chances of success by giving access to markets, sectors, and detailed statistics that are researched thoroughly.
  •         The options which are chosen from every pool are evaluated, five key elements, 60+ sub-variables, or a mix of both will determine the stock pool’s selection. Kavout offers you access to the best results possible with their innovative system that’s been proven effective time and again.


You can get in touch with them by calling or emailing their customer support team for more information on pricing.

7. VectorVest.

Best for having a simple approach to a complex industry.

VectorVest is a tool that tells you when to buy and sell stocks. It does not provide any information about what companies should be bought or sold, leaving its users with more freedom in investing their money than ever before.

It’s easy to understand and follow their expert stock analysis with charts that make it crystal clear.

All the information provided by VectorVest is up-to-date, accurate, and easy for you to understand.

They provide top-quality stock market assistance, time-tested investing methods, and personal recommendations. Their experienced brokers will help you make wise decisions on which stocks to buy or sell so that your investment success is guaranteed.

If you want to be more hands-off with your investing, then VectorVest is the system for you.

Key Features:

  •         VectorVest provides investors with a unique way to invest in the market. They look at both fundamental values and patterns, so you can be sure that your money is going towards something worth investing into.
  •         Investment Services are now at your fingertips with this amazing app. With features like rankings and portfolio management, you’ll never have to worry about investing again.
  •         This service provides investors with a range of tested and proven investing methods to assist them in making more profitable returns.
  •         Their forecasts are designed to help you identify precise trading entry and exit points, as well as provide useful information about the current market.


Try out the 30-day trial for just $0.99 on all of their products and see what benefits VectorVest can offer. They provide three different pricing plans, which come with various features. The following are their prices:

  •         Basic: $69 per month.
  •         Enhanced: $99 per month.
  •         Premium: $149 per month.

Some other well-known AI trading programs include Equbot and MetaTrader 4 that you might want to explore too.

What are AI Investing Software and Apps?

Users of an effective AI stock trading software or app should have access to accurate information on how the market is performing over time so that they can make investment decisions accordingly.

AI Investing Software makes an investment guide for you by using artificial intelligence.

the process of Stock trading bots comes with three components:

Data input –They make sure that you are always in control of your investment situation by collecting and analyzing data.

Algorithm –  The most important part about investing is making sure that you have a plan. A good translator will help make sense of the data fed by your decisions so they can be executed properly and achieve desired results such as when is the right time to invest.

Output – The AI bots will generate a report for you with potential choices of investments. Some bots would actually go ahead and invest based on risk, as well as rewards that can be expected from these options.

Whether AI can be a good investment choice for you depends on your financial situation and attitude towards risk.

Investing in AI is a smart decision because it’s cost-effective, provides unbiased reviews of markets at any given time, and has long-term benefits. The AI trading software is only for people who have a certain mindset.

  •         investors with a long-term focus – these are people who don’t trade stocks at short intervals, but rather aim to hold them for the greater good.
  •         The AI Stock Trader is the perfect choice for anyone who needs to invest a large amount of money. You don’t need to be willing or able to put down big bucks, but if you are then this program might just be what you’re looking for.
  •         New traders who are new to stock trading should invest their money into AI-driven investment instead of going straight up into the market without any knowledge of how it works.
  •         If you want an edge over other investors and don’t trust your own judgment, then AI-powered trading is for you.

What features should an AI stock trading bot contain?

The following features are important for any successful stock trading bot.

Stock trading strategies

In order for an AI trading software to be effective, it must include algorithms that are designed specifically with your needs in mind. The bot should be designed to include at least three different types of stock investment strategies.

Algorithmic trading – By investing in small amounts across a wide range of stocks, you can avoid the risk or volatility associated with any one particular stock.

Market making – When it identifies different price points in the marketplace, this algorithm starts buying and selling.

Arbitrage – The algorithm uses information from transactions happening between two parties to make a profit in high-volume trades within seconds.

Real-Time and Reliable Financial Information

The limitations of a data-driven approach are being realized with the help of AI. With these new technologies, we’re able to explore more creative insights and generate better results faster than ever before.

The only way to make sure your deep learning algorithm runs correctly is by feeding it with lots and lots of financial data.

The bot’s predictions and decisions will be inaccurate if the data it needs to make those announcements aren’t provided in real-time or with a delay. This would be a major drawback with any AI investment tool.

If you want to avoid the pitfalls of human error when trading stocks, then it’s important that your software has access to not only accurate data but also up-to-date information.

Technical indicators

Technical indicators are a way to look at the historical data and trends that will help you with your stock investment decisions.

Technical indicators are a great way to see what might happen in the future based on trade history and they’re especially helpful when you want an idea about how different decisions could affect your portfolio.

If you’re looking for good investments, it is important that the companies have been stable and profitable over time. Understanding which ones reported great results recently will help narrow down your options so they can be considered deeply before investing any money into them.

The right technical indicators are what will allow you to build an accurate predictive model for future stock price movements with machine learning.

Caters to your trading style

There are many different styles of traders in the stock market. Some people prefer high-risk to get high income and reward investment while others look for low risk and steady returns.

You should make sure that the AI software you choose caters to your needs and matches how an investor typically operates.

If you’re new to stock trading or don’t have much technical knowledge about investing in stocks, then this may be extremely difficult. The AI tools that are designed with less experienced users in mind will be more effective for your needs.

There are a number of different tools that can help you get started with your business. You’ll find wizards, online forums, and even access to mentors who will guide the way through every step.

When choosing the right AI investing software, it’s important for both beginners and veterans to consider user experience. After all, your bot’s user experience directly impacts how effectively you can control it when giving directions. What this means is that if you want to get the most out of your investments, then smart bots are going to be essential.

Tools with a complicated user interface are not recommended because they can be hard to use and require you have extensive knowledge about the stock market before getting started.

Instead, choose a machine learning trading software that keeps things simple and can be used by anyone, even those without much prior experience in trading stocks.

Trading fees

Some online stock trading websites advertise ‘no commission’ but this is not always the case. There could be hidden charges such as withdrawal fees or wire transfer costs that you didn’t know about until it was too late.

You may be surprised by the hidden costs of an investment, which could significantly increase its cost and result in losses over time. If you’re looking for an investment tool that involves AI, make sure the fees are low or there is no minimum deposit required.

The first step to finding the best investment software is by checking for reviews and testimonials online. You can also talk directly with customer support, which should provide you with a good idea about what’s involved in using this service/product combo.

Dynamic learning capabilities

Investing in the stock market is usually a very tedious and time-consuming process. But AI tools can automate this entire investing journey for you by constant learning. In order for a company’s software to remain effective and relevant, it must constantly re-evaluate its strategy.

The best AI investing software will make sure that their algorithms are capable of learning and changing based on recent market activity.

There’s no denying that this type of software will require initial investments for creating reliable and accurate forecasting tools, but in time it’ll be worth every penny.

Financial markets are volatile and can result in heavy losses if you trust the wrong software. However, there’s a great chance for gain with the right kind of trading platform, so make sure it has all aspects needed before investing to gain your profit.

Performance history

If you want to make sure that your software is worth the investment, it’s important for you not only to know how well previous customers liked them but also what their effectiveness was in bringing results.

The key to a successful software program is maintenance. If your company has been maintaining its programs and updating them regularly, there’s no reason it should slow down anytime soon.

There is a lot to be said for using stock charts as an indicator of how reliable you think any investment tool will turn out. If someone has access to and ability with this information, they should take the time to check it out.


The AI software you’re using may not be as advanced or knowledgeable about financial markets as we thought. Investing too much money could lead to problems in the future if bugs are still present.

The developers of the software are as important to this process too. The experience and reputation of technical analysts are integral parts of the success rate of any software.

You should always do your research before investing in any trading software so that you can be confident of its reputation for delivering high-quality results.


Whether you are a seasoned investor or just starting out, it is important to have the right tools in your arsenal. The best AI investing software and apps will help you make sound investment decisions, manage your portfolio, and stay on top of the market trends. We hope this list has helped you find the perfect tool for you. What are your thoughts?

FAQ - Best AI Investing Softwares and Apps:

What are ETFs?

ETFs are one of the most popular investment vehicles because they’re easy to trade, they can be sold on the market to track a specific index such as a commodity, bonds, or a basket of assets like an index fund.

ETFs are a lot like mutual funds, but they trade at lower prices and can be bought or sold quickly through brokerage accounts. They also allow investors to short stocks just as easily as them. ETFs are a popular investment choice for many investors because they go with lower transaction fees than mutual funds, and the fund can be used as a trust or partnership.

Can a startup use AI investing software?

Startups are companies that have not yet started selling any services, but they’re already making waves with their potential. The startup fund for a new business is usually very small so it’s recommended to look into other forms of financing rather than tools with high initial investments.

Why are hedge funds starting to use AI for stock trading?

Artificial intelligence is the future of investing and today, you can take that first step with AI software.

Hedge funds are making a major impact in the investment world, they’re breaking ground with their usage of these tools.

Do I need a financial advisor to invest?

Having an expert give their professional judgment on the AI software you are using can be invaluable.

What’s a breakout when investing?

You may have heard the term “breakout” before. It refers to a situation where prices go above or below an established level, respectively

A breakout is when prices rise above an established level of resistance or fall below an established level of support in the market

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