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With technology advancing at an alarming rate, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest and greatest products. It seems like every day a new product has been released that promises to change our lives for the better. How are we supposed to know which ones are worth our time and money ?

In 2023, the 1080p monitor was still standard for high-definition video with extraordinarily clear images even though 2k and 4k are becoming more popular. A decade later, this resolution is still the gold standard for displays, whether you’re watching movies or playing games. If you’re in the market for a new monitor, it’s worth your time to check out some of the best 1080p monitors that are available today. Not only will you enjoy incredibly bright and vibrant colors, but you’ll also find that these displays are perfect for both work and play. So if you want a great all-around monitor that won’t break the bank, be sure to check out our list of the best 1080p monitors uk of 2023 .

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How to choose the best 1080p monitor ?

Choosing the best monitor may be a perplexing task. You can go to an electronic store or buy online, browse through hundreds of models and end up confused as you don’t know which one’s the best 1080p monitor for your specific need .

Gaming needs the best gaming monitor. It’s even more crucial if you’re into competitive gaming or eSports games. You need to stay updated with the changes in your game, react quickly and accurately, which is why a good monitor is important. While most monitors are marketed for their speed, high refresh rates, and high response time, the most important aspect of a good gaming monitor is its resolution. With the advent of 4K Ultra HD display panels, high-resolution monitors are becoming more affordable to gamers. But it would be best to get a 1080p monitor for top-quality images without spending too much on big-sized displays .

Fortunately, there are quite a few excellent 1080p monitors available on the market now. Some of them are listed below. But before you choose one of them, make sure you have done some research about the monitor that you are going to buy. What kind of games are you playing? Do you need a monitor with adaptive sync technology to improve your gaming experience? Have you found the best budget 1080p monitor for your needs? Is your favorite game demanding enough to require a 144Hz refresh rate panel to play it comfortably? How about the color that they can display? answering those questions means you have a suitable monitor for any task .

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How much should I spend ?

There are so many monitors on the market, with different features, that it can be hard to know which one is right for you. And with prices ranging from £100 to over 400 pounds, it’s important to make sure you’re getting the most value for your money .

What size should you buy ?

24in monitors offer a good balance between screen size and pixel density and the maximum size should be 27″. If you need larger, consider a 2K or higher resolution .

What specifications else should you know ?

Refresh rate :

There’s a big difference in terms of response time between 60Hz and triple-figure refresh rates, with the former being good enough for office workers but not gamers. Nowadays you can find 1080p esports monitors that offer 240 Hz or 360 Hz, they’re becoming more commonplace as well .

Panel technology :

TN panels were common in 1080p gaming monitors in the past, but they produce poor viewing angles and less vivid colors.  you may notice some flaws when looking at the monitor from different positions such as side viewings where blacks can become dark due to shadows being cast across it. They’re cheap to manufacture .

LCD technology has been around for a long time and it’s seen some changes over the years. Modern panels are often of high quality with great colors and viewing angles. They have better contrast ratios than older models, but slightly worse latency performance like VA LCD technology or IPS


High dynamic range is a great way to make your favorite games and movies come alive with more impactful colors, but it’s expensive. It won’t be available on cheap 1080p monitors .

When it comes to HDR, make sure you look for a monitor that has been certified with DisplayHDR. There are 400, 600, or 800 certification levels where higher numbers mean better quality images .

Connectivity :

Some gamers will want to look out for USB-C, as it may be the only means of displaying video. You can also keep an eye on what type of HDMI or DisplayPort cables are included with your computer and make sure they’re compatible before buying. There’s nothing worse than getting all set up in gaming mode only to find out that some precious piece of hardware doesn’t work with these platforms .

Adjustability :

The best monitors to use while gaming or working are those with an adjustable stand. They allow you not only to adjust the height but also swivel and tilt functions so that your viewing angle is always at optimum levels .

The best 1080p monitors uk to buy 20232

1. iiyama XUB2493HSU-B1 24"IPS LCD with Slim Bezel, 4ms, Full HD 1920x1080, 250 cd/m² Brightness, 1x HDMI,1 x DisplayPort,1 x VGA, 2 x USB, 2 x 2W Speakers, Height Adjustable Stand, Black: Best 1080p monitor uk 2023

The IPS technology is the ultimate solution for your eye’s comfort and health. With higher contrast, darker blacks offer much better viewing angles than standard TN screens. it will look good no matter what angle you’re looking at them from. The screen reduces maximum strain on our optic nerve as well as blue light reducer which helps cut down any fatigue or discomfort caused by flickering lights .

With its sleek bezels and sleek design, the Ultra Slim Line monitor is perfect for use in video walls or multi-monitor setups. This screen can pivot from landscape to portrait orientation depending on how much space you need at any given time–great if your application requires more height than width. and you can adjust to have a perfect posture to work .

The best way to enjoy gaming with friends is by using integrated high-quality speakers. If you want some peace and quiet, plug your headset into that headphone socket so it doesn’t bother anyone else around .

2. Acer Predator XB253QGXbmiiprzx 24.5 inch Full HD Gaming Monitor (IPS Panel, G-SYNC Compatible, 240Hz, 1ms, HDR 400, Height Adjustable , DP, HDMI, USB Hub, Black): Best 1080p gaming monitor uk 2023

The gameplay is elevated to a new level with the use of a 240 Hz refresh rate. You will be able to see every detail on screen and feel like you’re in total control, even when playing games at high settings. The Full HD resolution ensures that whatever happens during gameplay remains crystal clear no matter how fast things are moving or what kind of surface objects may exist within your screen .

The best gaming experience is now possible with a fast and responsive monitor. The 1 ms response time ensures that there won’t be any blurring or annoying distractions, allowing you to focus on your game without worry. With VESA DisplayHDR 400 certification this computerized projection will provide life-like visuals as well enhanced detail for an immersive gameplay session that suits every preference – good even for those who are less experienced gamers .

3. Philips 243B9H - 24 inch FHD Monitor, 75Hz, 4ms, IPS, USB-C Docking, Webcam, Speakers, Height Adjust (1920 x 1080, 250 cd/m², USB-C/HDMI/VGA/DP 1.2): Best 1080p monitor uk with a webcam 2023

IPS technology offers superior color performance and consistent brightness. A key benefit of the wide viewing angles offered by IPS panels is that they can be used in almost any position – even with 90-degree pivot mode. This makes them perfect for professional applications where detail must always come first, no matter what angle you’re looking from .

This Philips display features a USB Type-C connector that can deliver power. With intelligent and flexible management, you’ll be able to charge your compatible device directly from the monitor with just one cable, a connection for seamless high-resolution video playback, or super-fast data transfers. You won’t want anything else once you try these amazing benefits – simply put. They’re perfect !

With the SmartErgoBase, you can enjoy a comfortable and professional display while reducing cable clutter. The adjustable base allows for optimal positioning of your monitor so that it will not only ease physical strain but also keep the workspace neat-appearing.

4. BenQ MOBIUZ EX2710 27 Inch FHD (1920 x 1080) HDRi 144Hz Gaming Monitor, IPS, 1ms, FreeSync Premium, PS5/Xbox X Compatible, Black: Best-value 1080p gaming monitor uk 2023

This 27-inch display features a refresh rate of 144Hz and 1 ms response time, which is perfect for those looking to optimize their image quality. The BenQ HDRi technology can enhance the colors in-game while Light Tune settings give you increased brightness without any loss of clarity or contrast thanks black eQualizer feature so it’s wonderful .

The adjustable stand offers a better viewing experience for your guests, with its height and tilt feature. The sound modes can be fine-tuned by TreVolo to provide the best possible audio quality in any situation – it has 3 custom sounds that will suit every listener’s taste .

5. BenQ GL2780 27 Inch 1080p 1 ms 75 Hz LED Eye-Care Gaming Monitor, Anti-Glare, HDMI, Black: Best big 1080p monitor uk 2023

If you’re looking for a monitor that offers a stunning full HD display, then this is a perfect choice. The 1080p resolution combined with the 16:9 aspect ratio will provide immaculate image quality and a fast 1 ms GTG response time means no more tiring eyes from constantly staring at your computer screen. With edge edgest slim bezel design, it has virtually seamless multi-panel configurations possible – making every inch of space useful .

With a wealth of ports to choose from, this monitor is the perfect amalgamation between media devices and workstations. The intelligent brightness technology ensures that you can view your screen comfortably even with varied light conditions from content while the cable management system keeps things tidily organized inside its sleek frame .

6. BenQ GW2280 22 Inch 1080p Eye Care LCD Monitor, Anti-Glare, Dual HDMI, B.I. Sensor for Home Office - Black: Best small 1080p monitor uk 2023

Experience true clarity with a Full HD display that offers 1920 x 1080 resolution and 178 degree/178 wide viewing angles. The slim bezel design reduces distractions, while an edge-to-edge screen creates virtually seamless multi-panel configurations for your perfect viewing experience .

The perfect monitor for all your needs, this one has it covered. The convenience of two HDMI ports will suit any media device you have and the brightness can be controlled easily with Brightness Intelligence technology on screen. It also comes equipped with a cable management system so that when placed inside its stand they won’t stick out which is ideal if space or organization isn’t an issue at hand (for people who prefer order) .

The BenQ low blue light technology filters out hazardous, harmful doses of afforded illumination to prevent eye fatigue and irritation. Exclusive flicker-free tech ensures that you’re not faced with a painful experience when looking at your screen for an extended period – giving it relief from traditional LCDs .

Conclusion :

If you’re in the market for a new monitor, we hope our list of the best 1080p monitors for 2020 has given you some ideas. We tried to choose a variety of displays that would be good for both work and gaming, so there should be something for you. Keep in mind that prices are always changing, so if you see one of these monitors on sale, don’t hesitate to catch your opportunity .

FAQ - Best 1080p monitor uk 2023 :

Is Full HD 1080p good for gaming ?

It depends on the type of game you’re playing .

Some games are more demanding than others and require a higher resolution in order to look their best. For instance, action-packed games that have a lot of fast-moving objects on the screen may appear blurry or pixelated at lower resolutions .

That said, not all games need to be played at the highest possible resolution in order to look good. Games with simple graphics or those that are more strategy-based may not benefit as much from a higher resolution. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference and what looks best to you .

Can gaming monitors be used for work ?

Yes, gaming monitors can be used for work. However, it’s important to note that not all gaming monitors are created equal. Some gaming monitors have features that make them better suited for work, while others are geared more towards gamers .

Here are a few things to look for when choosing a gaming monitor for work :

– Colour accuracy: Make sure the monitor has good color accuracy so that you can accurately see the colors of your documents and images .

– Screen size: A larger screen size is ideal for productivity tasks such as working on multiple documents or spreadsheets at once .

– Resolution: A high resolution will ensure that you can see every detail on your screen.

– Panel type: IPS panels offer the

What is the best 1080p 144Hz gaming monitor ?

There are a few things to consider when trying to answer this question. First, it depends on what you consider to be “work.” For example, if you’re a graphic designer who needs to use color calibrations and specific software programs, then you’ll need a monitor that is specifically designed for graphic design work. However, if you’re just using your computer for basic office tasks such as reading emails and browsing the internet, then any gaming monitor should be suitable .

One thing to keep in mind is that gaming monitors typically have faster response times than regular monitors, so they may be better suited for activities that require quick reactions, such as online gaming or video editing. Additionally, many gaming monitors have features such as built .

Is a Full HD monitor enough for gaming ?

It depends on the types of games you play. If you’re mostly playing older, pixelated games then a full HD monitor should be enough. However, if you’re into more graphics-intensive games, then you’ll likely need a higher resolution monitor such as a 4K monitor .



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