Beoplay HX vs AirPods Max : Which is better ?

Beoplay HX vs AirPods Max

Looking for ANC headphones to drown out the noise to focus on your work? Or maybe you’re in the market for a new pair of headphones to take on your next vacation. In either case, you might be wondering if the Beoplay HX vs AirPods Max is right for you. While both headphones offer stellar ANC performance, there are some key differences worth noting. So, which is the best choice for you? Read on to find out!

Beoplay HX vs AirPods Max Comparison Chart


Beoplay HX

AirPods Max




Sound Features

Adaptive noise canceling

Transparency mode

Active noise canceling

Transparency mode

Spatial Audio with dynamic head tracking




Voice Assistant







aptX Adaptive, AAC, SBC




Bluetooth 5.1

Bluetooth 5.0


35 hours (ANC on)

40 hours (ANC off)

3 hours charging time

20 hours

2 hours charging time


Timber, Black Anthracite, Dark Maroon, Sand

Silver, Green, Pink, Sky Blue, Space Gray


The Beoplay HX has a sleek and premium design that stands out against the traditional headphones. They are known for their beautiful looks, but these ones take it one step further with an elegant combination of aluminum material coupled with leather banding together atop high-quality plastic surfaces. The color options for this unit are dark maroon, black, or timber. You can also get it in sand tone.

The AirPods Max has a sleek and minimalist design that some would even say is very plain-looking. However, this simplicity will appeal to those looking for unadorned earbuds without any frills or decoration – which makes them perfect if you’re into edgy fashion. The Apple AirPods Max comes in a variety of colors, including green, silver, pink, space gray, and sky blue.

The two headphones are almost equal when it comes to comfort. The Bang & Olufsen Beoplay HX has rounded ear cups with thick padding and the headband also contains some cushioning, making them a great choice for long listening sessions.

Meanwhile, the AirPods Max has oval ear cups that will certainly cater to people with bigger ears. The mesh headband is also very comfortable and it adds a level of breathability for better comfort. The Beoplay HX is designed to be lighter, weighing only 285 grams compared with the AirPods Max which weighs 384.8g.

The portability of the two headphones is bulky, but they can be carried around with you. The hard plastic case of the Beoplay HX is a great way to protect its delicate headphones, while the brassiere-like case of Air pods max just provides some protection for your ears from scratches.

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The two headphones are not lacking in features, but the AirPods Max definitely has an edge when it comes to functionality. They both come equipped with sensors for functions like music pause and resume (which can be disabled), they also include active noise cancellation capabilities as well at different levels of transparency so you can tune out sounds if desired.

When compared side-by-side, the AirPods Max can cancel low-frequency noise more effectively. The AirPods Max is more effective at canceling low-frequency noise than the competitor device. The Beoplay HX is good, but the AirPods Max is better. They also have Transparency modes that allow you to amplify surrounding sounds without issue or distortion on either device.

The AirPods Max is equipped with a number of features that are only accessible through the headphones. These include Spatial Audio and dynamic head tracking, which allow you to experience your music or podcasts in an entirely new way. It also has audio sharing so one user can listen on apple devices without having any problem as well “Hey Siri” support for hands-free use at any time.


If you’re looking for the best sound quality, then these headphones will not disappoint. The sound profile of the Beoplay HX is more neutral than that of AirPods Max, but both still maintain a pretty well-balanced tone.

The HX model of the Beoplay by Bang & Olufsen has an exciting and vibrant sound with rich low notes, but they’re not overpowering. The vocals are forward yet still crystal clear in treble range to give you all of that detail.

The AirPods Max has a slight bass boost which gives them more thump, The mids are slightly pushed to the back, but this doesn’t affect their placement in any way. You can hear the highs without any unpleasant sounds, even at higher volumes. The sound quality on these headphones is top-notch.

The Beoplay HX is a premium pair of headphones that can last you up to 40 hours on one charge without active noise cancellation and 35hrs with it enabled.

The battery life on the AirPods Max is only 20 hours with ANC turned on. While this isn’t terrible, it’s clearly not as good when compared to Beoplay HX which lasts up to 35 hrs before needing a charge.

FAQs - Beoplay HX vs AirPods Max (2023)

Is the Beoplay HX good?

Yes, the headphones do sound great. They have an excellent noise-canceling capability and a battery life that will last you all day long in addition to being stylish.

Is the AirPods Max audiophile quality?

The quality of sound is good for a pair of wireless headphones, but they lack the ability to play Hi-Res audio files.

Does AirPods Max support Dolby Atmos?

With their Spatial Audio technology, they are able to deliver an immersive sound experience that creates the perfect ambiance for any occasion.

Is the Beoplay HX noise canceling?

The HX sports active noise cancellation and transparency mode, which allow you to enjoy your music or calls without any interruptions.


The AirPods Max is a great choice for anyone who mainly uses Apple devices. They have all kinds of cool features that you can only access on iOS such as Spatial Audio with dynamic head tracking, audio sharing, and hands-free Siri, so it’ll be worth your while in more ways than one.

The two pairs of headphones have similarly great sound, but it is a toss-up between these two. but that’s because most of the AirPods Max’s features are tied to Apple’s H1 chip. As such, they’re not available on Android phones yet. One huge advantage of the Beoplay HX by Bang & Olufsen is its battery life.

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